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Did Your Health Insurance Application Get Rejected? Here’s What You Should Do


Most Canadians are shocked to learn they can be denied Canadian health care insurance. Although the Canadian Health Act has been put in place, the provinces have their own regulations that are separate from federal ones. It is the provinces that decide who gets a health insurance card and who is denied. If you have been denied, knowing the steps to take for approval is essential.

How Can Someone Be Denied Health Insurance?

The main tenant of the Canadian Health Act is the right of every Canadian citizen to health care coverage. Although this is considered a right, people are turned down for various reasons, often leaving them feeling confused and stressed. Those who have been denied should visit

According to the Canadian Health Act, those who were born in and are lawfully entitled to reside in the country are entitled to health care coverage.

It is important to note that each providence does decide its own regulations regarding coverage. Most provinces require a person to be physically present in the province at least 183 days out of the year. They must also prove their intent to return to the province when living outside.

Some people have run into problems when they go to school in another province outside of their residential one. When moving to a new province, their former provincial coverage covers them for a maximum of three months, giving them time to register with their new province.

What to Do If You Are Denied

Being denied health insurance coverage can be stressful and even frightening. So, what can you do when a denial is given? Contacting the Health Services Appeal and Review Board can help you to appeal the denial decision. You will simply need to make your request in writing to the appeal board can look into the denial and determine if it was given fairly or for adequate reasons.

A hearing will be scheduled, and you can decide if this hearing takes place in person, over the phone, or in writing. You may bring a lawyer and witnesses to help you state your case on why you were unfairly denied.

Once you have appealed, the hearing must be scheduled within thirty days. Once the hearing takes place, there is a three-day maximum period for a decision to be made. The results of the hearing will include one of the following.

  • The appeal board will uphold the insurance denial.
  • The appeal board will order the province to make a new decision.
  • The appeal board could also offer a new solution.

Make Sure You Know Your Rights 

Many Canadians are not fully aware of the rights they hold under the Canadian Health Act. Knowing the federal role and your rights as a Canadian citizen will help to ensure you are able to receive the insurance benefits you are entitled to receive.


If you have been denied an insurance application, you have the right to appeal the decision. You should first contact your province to see if an error occurred. If you cannot get satisfactory help from the province, take it to the appeal board for a resolution.

It may take time, but you must fight for your rights. Every Canadian citizen has the right to health care if they meet the requirements of their province.


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