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5 Natural Food Sources of Biotin for Your Hair


Thick, bouncy and shiny hair is everyone’s dream!! When you meet a person for the first time, the eyes invariably tend to notice his face first and wander back to the hair if it is healthy or shiny. But, not everyone is lucky to have strong and natural hair.

There has been a significant rise in number of people facing hair related problems. The changing food habits, fast-paced lifestyle and environment are being attributed as few reasons for the same. Toxic overload, stress, and poor diet all contribute to dry and brittle, thinning hair and scalp problems. While, it is not possible to control these affecting factors completely, you can take steps to improve the quality. Right from proper care to including biotin foods in your diet, small changes in your lifestyle will go a long way in protecting them.

Biotin is a vital nutrient for preventing hair loss and other related problems. One of the best ways to improve nutritional components of biotin in your body is by adding biotin rich foods in your diet. Another way of B taking biotin is to include biotin supplements in your daily routine.

What is Biotin?

Biotin is a vitamin from the vitamin B complex group and is a water soluble vitamin. It is also commonly known as vitamin H. Biotin is one of the major vitamins associated with healthy and glossy hair along with sturdy nails and glowing skin. It participates in the metabolic process of your body, basically into the processing of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Biotin is considered to be a wonder nutrient for thinning hair and tacking hair loss.

Research states that hair loss and weak nails are common indicators of lack of biotin. There are various benefits of biotin for hair, skin and nails including

  • Helps in maintaining healthy eyes, skin and nails.
  • Reduction in loss of hair
  • Treating hair disorders
  • Strengthening hair at the roots
  • Promoting growth of new hair

Natural Food Sources of Biotin

Studies indicate that people who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet face deficiency of biotin. Here are the 5 foods that you must include in your diet to increase the level of biotin in your body and promote hair growth.

1. Almonds

almonds, hair care, Food Sources of BiotinOne of the foods that are jam-packed with biotin, almonds is also loaded with other essential nutrients. Being a biotin rich food, almonds help in enhancing health of hair, skin and nails. It is great for hair as well as scalp. One of the best things about almonds is that they make a great snack. You can consume almonds anytime across your day. So, next time you are hungry and wish to munch on some chips, opt for almonds instead. Beneficial to your body, it will also help keep you away from junk food. Along with almonds, you can also include other nuts and nut-based butters in your diet as nuts are also high in biotin.

2. Bananas

Bananas, hair care, Food Sources of BiotinBananas are among the few fruits that are rich in biotin. Including a banana in your diet is easy, and it makes the best option for breakfast. If you do not want to eat a banana directly, add it to your milk and cereals or make a smoothie. You can also replace cereals with oats as they have protein, biotin and a high fiber content

3. Spinach

Spinach, hair care, Food Sources of BiotinGreen leafy vegetables are an essential element of any nutritious diet. Of all the leafy vegetables, spinach consist the highest percentage of biotin along with other nutrients like folate, vitamin B and vitamin E. There are various ways to include spinach in your diet, right from salads to juices and soups.

4. Eggs

Eggs, hair care, Food Sources of BiotinRich in protein, eggs are rich in biotin too. This combination makes it a must have element of your diet when healthy hair is your concern. From scrambled eggs to other egg dishes, there are endless ways to include eggs in your diet. You can also combine eggs with other biotin rich foods like mushroom to increase the benefit multi-fold.

5. Yoghurt

Yoghurt, hair care, Food Sources of BiotinIf you are looking for just one food that will supplement all your biotin requirements, yoghurt is the answer. Full of biotin, protein and other nutrients, a bowl of yoghurt is must in your daily diet. Bring a change in your diet, include biotin rich foods and see the amazing effects it has on your hair.


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