6 Factors to Consider when Choose Custom Colored Gemstone Jewellery


Every gem available in the market has a unique color associated with it, which plays a key role for its selection. But, while buying, choosing the right color of the gemstone is not always the only factor that needs to be considered. Typically, the purest and unique colored gemstone jewellery will be the most expensive. This is because of the richness and uniqueness of the color of the gem.

Most of the time the buyer’s personality and fashion sense influences their purchase patterns. The other factors that play a role in the selection of custom colored gemstone jewellery are-

1. The Toughness of The Jewellery

gemstone jewelleryMany people do not understand the meaning of durability when it comes to the gemstones. Most of the times these gemstones are evaluated by the hardness only. The hardness of gemstones is used to measure their ability to resist scratches and does not reflect the gemstone’s resistance towards crumbling, fracturing, crazing or drying, and parting. Some of the hard gemstones are usually fragile and can be broken into two with the help of a single blow.

2. The Cut in The Gemstones

gemstone jewelleryAfter the color and toughness of the custom colored gemstone jewellery, the cut in the gemstones play an important role. Custom colored gemstones that are faceted showcase a very pleasing light and color. For the good quality gemstone, it should show brilliance and scintillation across the surface of the gem. The gem should not contain zones that are washed out or are lifeless.

3. The Affordability of The Jewellery

gemstone jewelleryFor customers who don’t have a high budget, colored gemstones that are not treated is the best choice. Since most of the customers shop for custom colored gemstone jewellery with a specific budget in mind, they usually opt for the gemstones that are treated without sacrificing the overall look of the final design. Hence, customers opt for a gemstone that are treated because a large selection of these stones can be found in the market.

4. The Clarity of Custom Colored Gemstone Jewellery

gemstone jewelleryIf the custom colored gemstone jewellery does not detract people from its appearance, the jewellery is known to have very good clarity. Usually the clarity feature is the most identifiable characteristic associated with a colored gem. Overall, this clarity feature usually helps in proving that the custom colored gemstone jewellery is natural.

5. The Versatility of The Colored Gemstones

gemstone jewelleryIt is very important for the customer to clearly know when the jewellery will be worn. Diamonds that are white in color match with any kind of fashion trend and can be worn for any kind of occasion. Even though there are not many stones in the market that can match the versatility of white diamond, the colored gemstones be custom fitted with different fashion trends in order to accommodate versatility. If the customer plans to wear the custom colored gemstone jewellery frequently, then he/she should choose the most versatile jewellery.

6. The Availability of Custom colored gemstone jewellery

gemstone jewelleryThe size and range of custom colored gemstone jewellery available in the market is very wide but for some types the selection is very limited. For example, the 10-carat blue topaz gemstone is readily available but a ruby of 10 carat is very rare and is usually found in museums. Some of the gemstones are limited based on the weights and sizes. Some of them will be available in large sizes while others in small sizes only.

All these factors are usually enough to purchase the right kind of custom colored gemstone jewellery. The beginners looking to purchase this kind of essential jewellery might need to spend more time evaluating all the options that are available in the market.




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  1. There are so many things to consider when buying jewellery, rather than just price (although that is very important to some). We would have to look at more business data to see statistically what most people look for. Thanks for the tips, I think exploring the market will definitely help me more.

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