Friendship Day

Rejuvenate the Moments with Your Friends this Friendship Day


Friendship Day is all set out there. But, have you made plans about how to make the day special? It’s not that this is the only day, where you remember your friends. But, the busy hectic life schedule has mostly left any time for us to really have a good time with our friends. We always remain engrossed with something or the other. So, on the Friendship Day, let’s all take up the opportunity to get in touch with our friends and relieve our friendship even amidst our busy life. To add some colors to this year’s Friendship Day, the following activities may sound interesting to you.

1. Sleepover

When was the last time that you actually had a sleepover together? Can you not get a chance to sleepover with your bestie this year and enjoy the day to relieve your youth? Take out your favorite blankets, pillows and put on those favorite night suits of yours and go for a night out gossiping about your favorite topics and subjects.

2. Movie Marathon

What’s better than to catch up together and watch movies one after another on this day over a popcorn basket. If you want to hit the theatre check for the movies and the timings and book tickets in advance or if you want to simply hang out in your homes and watch your favorite movies sitting on that special couch or the mattress from your bachelor days, that sounds awesome.

3. Short Vacation

Well, if you can plan for a small vacation that weekend how awesome would it be? Forget all your worries, get away from the stress and simply drive through those wonderful streets to your favorite destination. There would be no stressful family discussions, boring professional talks. Only fun, chitchats, relax and enjoyment. Far away from the cacophony of the everyday life.

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4. Gaming Zone

If you can’t really find out so much time amidst your personal life to take the whole day out, why not take some hours out and hit the gaming zone and play a lot of games with each other. Have loads of fun, explore all the different adventurous games and make the most out of your day.

5. Surprise Call

Last but not the least, let’s take out that you couldn’t even manage a few hours from the lifestyle you are leading or maybe you’re located so very away from your friend that you couldn’t make it possible to meet over. Why not give him/her a surprise call and talk about all those fun filled moments and rejuvenate your friendship once more.

Make this Friendship Day memorable and enjoy the day with loads of excitement. If you think it’s perfect, buy any gift for the special person of your life, who has always been there with you in your days of happiness and sorrow. May this Friendship Day be full of life and happy moments for one and all.


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