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My Wife Wanted More and More Foreplay From Me


Whenever we involve ourselves in making love to each other, my wife often seeks romantic foreplay from me. Initially we often skipped foreplay from the entire process of love making and headed to intercourse straight away. In those cases, I was satisfied to a huge extent, while I failed to satisfy my wife. Then according to the advice of a sex therapist, I tried giving foreplay sufficient time. And trust me, it was amazing.

Taking sufficient time to make it heat up during sex is the key to attain sexual satisfaction. And thus, foreplay has a crucial role to make the difference in the overall sexual experience. It is basically treated as an appetizer. Many couples often skip foreplay. But skipping foreplay is definitely not a good idea. The proper amount of foreplay can make you go thousand times on the scale of horniness.

What is Foreplay?

Are you absolutely aware of the definition of foreplay? Well, it is defined as the process of conversation, seduction and touching the various parts of the body all throughout the process of love making. It is not only a prelude to sex, but it is a continuous process, which goes on throughout the process of love making right from caressing to having intercourse.

Let us learn about the importance of foreplay in attaining sexual satisfaction.

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1. Foreplay Makes It More Satisfying

The buildup of desire and sexual arousal through a diverse sexual activities like kissing, oral sex, manual stimulation and cuddling makes it fun, long lasting and amazing. If the partnership leaves on quickies, then it will definitely not be very fulfilling. So, foreplay makes it highly satisfying for both of you.

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2. Very Important for Women

It is very easy for a man to have an erection just by thinking about intercourse, while for women, foreplay plays a huge stimulation. She needs to be hugged, caressed and kissed to initiate the vaginal lubrication, to ensure a comfortable intercourse. The clitoris fulfills it’s “O” with the right amount of foreplay. Blood circulation takes place in the clitoris and it gets erect with proper amount of stimulation.

3. Essential For Emotional Support and Intimacy

If you’re looking for long term relationships, it is important that you give enough value to foreplay. This is because, it helps in establishing an intimacy with the partner. Sex is not only a medium of physical pleasure, but also happens to be an extensive support for combating stress and getting over disturbances emotionally as well. Thus, sexperts suggest that the best way to communicate your desire during love making is your body language.

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