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How to Fix your Broken Relationship? Tips to Follow


“When someone truly cares about you They make an effort, not an excuse.”


No relationship is pitch perfect. Hope you knew that! Every couple faces ups and downs in their relationship which can be sorted out by mutual understanding. However, there are some couples which spend most of the time fighting, quarreling and making each other feel inferior. Moreover, they want to stay in the downs rather than making the effort to bringing each other up, which leads to loopholes that can be very problematic in a broken relationship.

If you’re still wondering whether your relationship is hitting a rocky patch or not, you need to give yourself a reality check. The constant arguing on any and every topic is one sign that can be a wake-up call for you and so can the way you feel how the other person is treating you. With these signs of love walking out of your relationship and sadness settling in, you need to take the decision of staying back, mending what you share and make your broken relationship bloom or let go of your partner.

If you chose to stay back and find the solution to give your broken relationship a second chance, you can certainly do with the help of the following steps.

1. Start Listening

broken relationshipThere are many times that you think that you are correct and the other person is wrong and you keep your voice on top of your partner’s. This won’t help! You need to make it a point to start listening what he/she is saying. Is your partner going through a troubled time and his/her frustration making him/her cranky? All you need to do is sit down and listen what the other person is talking about and you’d find a way to sort out things. Have patience and listen if you’re really looking to fix the broken relationship.

2. Adjust to the Situation

broken relationshipNo! This aspect doesn’t want you to succumb to the hostile conditions. However, if you think that there are chances of saving the broken relationship and helping your partner, you can certainly make adjustments that will be helpful for you both. Sometimes you can sit patiently and agree to what the other person is saying. Whether what would be the colors of the walls to where would they head for dinner, these small things matter a lot and can steer towards either the happy beginning or the sad one.

3. Be Vocal about How You Feel

broken relationshipIt is not always what your partner is thinking and only you need to adjust, it is your right to be at the happier end. Make sure you tell your partner what is bothering you. Don’t be too forceful but being sturdy on how you feel is what you need to take care of. Stand at your viewpoint keeping the space for your partner as well. Letting the other person’s thought overpower yours would not do any good to you.

4. Relive the Happy Days

broken relationshipThe basic idea here is to make sure that you spend a lot of quality time together and make sure that that’s the happy one. Do what you used to do when things were much better between you two. Whether it was going out for drive-in movies or having a date at home with music and good food, make sure you indulge in some time that will make you feel better.

5. Have Fun Together

broken relationshipHaving fun with each other different from reliving the good-ol-days with your partner. Find ways to flirt with each other and make sure the other person finds happiness when you do something like this. Make your evenings happening by doing role play in your different men’s underwear styles and other accessories, have wine together, dance and do what matches your idea of fun.

Just do not lose the hope of letting your better half move away and keep holding onto your relationship. Do your bit and let the magic flow back in while your efforts make things better.



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