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The Five Essentials for Camping and Hiking


Thinking to set out for hiking? Get your bags ready first. Even if you don’t have any plans to go out for some hours of the day to hike, you should keep your backpack always ready. It is necessary to include some essentials. Weather can change anytime, and the stuff as simple as the rolling ankle can help a lot. The items which are really needed for hiking and camping are known as the essentials which need to be put in the bag to defend any emergency situations.

Before you do packing

You need to be an intelligent hiker regarding preparation. The skills and knowledge will not settle in your bag. However, they are important to be used – if you are going out for hiking or camping for the first time, you are required to check out the hiking programs and go through various tips or attend the camping workshops. You are needed to know the plans and tracks before you start hiking, always make a plan before setting out for a trip along with your friends or family. While packing your bags, the following are the quite important things which should be kept in mind.

1. Illumination

Everyone in your hiking group or camping team should have the LED light or the flashlight of his own, including the spare power supply for camping. Even on the day when you start hiking, a delay may keep you until the sun sets or beyond.

Note: The flashlight or LED light on the phone is not enough here – also it consumes a lot of battery of your phone.

2. First-aid supplies

The number of items which are included in the first aid box depends on the number of the people, the distance you are going to cover, the level of the risk you are going to face on the trip and the duration of the trip. Before you set out for the journey, be sure that you have stock of all the required items and nothing should be expired. The items which must be included always in the first aid box are: scissors, wound dressing, protection gloves, bandages SAM splint, and pocket masks. The bug spray is recommended too.

3. Emergency shelter

For the late night trips, you need to have the emergency tents or the sleeping bags. However, even while going on the day hike or camping, it is necessary to carry something for an emergency condition. You can also utilize the plastic bag of the large size, which is combined with the emergency blanket or you can go for the ready-made emergency bivy bags. The crawl within such stuff for staying dry as well as warm, the orange color of the bag attracts the attention and is quite visible.

4. Repair kit and tools

Use the items such as multifunctional tools, pocket knife, cable ties, pliers, screwdriver, duct tape, scissors, trowel, and shovel. Well, you can include these tools for the tasks like cutting the vegetables or slicing the fruit, as they are very handy for the first aid, shelter, building fires and minor repairs or any other random activities which may come up during the hiking or camping expedition.

5. Insulation

Even if the weather seems to be clear, you should carry the additional clothing with you always. Weather can change anytime unexpectedly very quickly, particularly if you are going out to the hilly areas. Also, bring some extra dry clothes in case if any of your clothing gets wet. Include an extra pair of socks, sweaters, undergarments, bed sheets, and blankets.


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