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My Father Abandoned Us, I Know How it Feels: Father’s Role in a Child’s Life


I didn’t have my father right from my childhood. No, he’s alive. But, he doesn’t stay with me. When I was only 8 years old, my dad abandoned us. He left my mom, me and my two other siblings to live with some other woman. He left us completely. He didn’t fulfill even his duties. A time came, when people used to mock at me for my dad not being there with us. But, all crap! What do they know how it feels to not have your dad with you, even when he’s alive. I thought of running away from school, from my life. But, every time, it was my mom’s face and my little siblings, who motivated me to study hard and work harder. It’s very difficult, perhaps, impossible to even imagine the situation for many of you. Now, I am a dad, a Dad to a 6 year old son. I try to give him all of it, which I didn’t get from my father. Now, I understand how my life would have been different had he been there with me all throughout the growth phase of my life. Here, a son in his own words states the father’s role in a child’s life.

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1. Dads are Role Models for their Children

The father’s role in his child’s life is very crucial. Every daughter wishes to have a life partner like her dad. And, every son wishes to be like his dad, when he grows up. So, it’s how the dads behave and how they are, play a crucial role in shaping a child’s life and growth. Since I had no one to look up to during my growth phase, I often find myself in great dilemma about how to react or what to do in certain situations. I miss my dad. Why did he abandon us?

2. A Dad is a Huge Support, Physically, Psychologically and Socially to His Child

These days, single parenting is evolving to a huge extent. But, the role of dad being actively involved during the upbringing of their kids is not getting diminished at all. And, this has been proved scientifically, that dads help to provide the confidence to mix socially, inculcates maturity, fosters decision making capabilities and introduce psychological consciousness. A child without father fears to make social appearances, is always nervous of being socially acceptable. Such is a father’s role and nobody can deny it.

3. A Dad is his Daughter’s Beloved and His Son’s Hero

A father daughter relationship is unique. The traits that a daughter will look for in her man will depend on the nature and attributes of her dad. However, a son also has a different equation with his dad. It’s a dad, to whom a son looks up to throughout his life to discuss all those masculine stuffs openly.

4. Shaping the Personality is Yet Another Father’s Role

Kids, who are surrounded by fathers in a healthy atmosphere tend to have less behavioral problems and psychological complications. They are as important as the mothers in the family to protect their kids and support them financially.

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Every kid expects their father with them. So, any father out there, if you think of running away from your child, please remember that it was your decision to bring your kid in the world. And, simply abandoning him/her is really not done. I didn’t get my dad with me. I know how I suffered. I’ll request all the fathers to be there for their children. They need their fathers and they love them a lot.


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