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Fatherhood 101: What Makes a Great Dad?


What makes a great dad? That’s a question that plenty of men ask themselves when they reflect on the relationship they have with their kids.

About 57% of dads say that being a parent is a major part of their identity. They also want to be a great parent to their kids.

With Father’s Day around the corner, let’s take a look at what makes a great dad and show our appreciation for fathers everywhere.

1. Present with Kids

There’s a huge difference between being with your kids and being present with your kids. When you’re with your kids, you might be on your phone, talking to someone else, thinking about work, or trying to watch a soccer match.

You have to be present with your kids. That means attentive and listening. It’s easy to blow off kids and their constant demands and look down at your phone. When you do that, you’re sending the wrong message.

2. Take Responsibility

“Anyone can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a daddy.” – Anonymous

Whoever said that was right. It does take a real man to be a daddy to a child. Unfortunately, child abandonment does happen and some dads write their kids off and say the child isn’t theirs.

Some moms will hold the fathers responsible, asking for DNA paternity testing.

You don’t want to go down that road with your child. Take responsibility for your family. That’s what makes a great dad.

3. Empower Your Kids

Great dads and great leaders have something in common. They let the people around them make decisions for themselves.

Kids and adults learn by making mistakes. It’s part of living. With kids, your role as a dad is to guide them and let them make the choice. It’s a lot better than telling your kids no and telling them what to do.

4. There are No Mom Duties and Dad Duties

One of the first things that you’ll learn is that there’s no such thing as mom duties and dad duties. You get to change as many diapers as your partner.

5. Appreciates the Little Moments

There are going to be little moments that you have with your child that you have to savor. It might be sharing a laugh or being silly together.

Your kid might say something that’s absolutely priceless. When you’re present with your child, it’s that much easier to see these moments and appreciate them for what they are.

These are moments that you’re not going to get back, either. Before you know it, they’ll be well on their way to college.

Learn What Makes a Great Dad

When you look at what makes a great dad, there are a number of qualities that come to mind.

Great dads are supportive, they’re fun. To be a great dad, you have to understand that there are no duties that are just for moms to do.

Your job is to raise your child to be empowered to make decisions and to think for themselves, all while showing respect and caring for others.

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