5 Facts About the Importance of Grandparents to Your Kids


As life becomes more hectic, there is an increased disconnection between children and their grandparents. Some studies now want to establish if grandparents play an influential role in the lives of their grandchildren. Development experts say that this relationship should not wither. This is because it is socially and emotionally beneficial to your children.

What’s the importance of grandparents to your children’s’ social and emotional development? Here are 5 surprising facts

1. Good Nurturing and Reduced Stress Levels

Grandparents are great entertainers and companions to their grandchildren. They tend to give grandkids undivided attention compared to parents. Grandparents are less worried about nutrition, homework, work obligations, schooling or cleanliness.

Their engagement with the children is all about fun, storytelling, and guidance. This helps take off pressure from children. Parents can also take this time off when children are bonding with grandparents to relax.

Grandparents provide a sense of security and identity to the children. Their knowledge of family values and traditions and the fact that they took care of you give your children a lot of affirmation when around them. This provides a sense of security and identity to them. It also helps instill the sense of family into them. With grandparents, your children feel that they have a greater pool of loved ones and better protection.

Studies have found that children that have greater interaction with their grandparents tend to have fewer emotional and behavioral issues. They also found that this greater involvement has a link to lower maternal stress and higher involvement from the father. Increasing their interaction could benefit your children especially now when stress among children and teens is generally high.

2. Strengthening Family Traditions

This is a well-known importance of grandparents. Families with a certain tradition of values tend to influence the personality and behavior of children in the lineage. These values are important in developing character and building a sense of identity. They are also associated with greater family memories that strengthen family bonds. Most of the time, it is grandparents that pass down these traditions.

Children with weak connections to their grandparents find it hard to identify with these values. Children with deep family connections tend to be more grounded. They also tend to cope better with peer pressure in adolescence or later in life. For more tips on how to care for your aged parents, check out this page.

3. Grandparents Are Great Confidants

Sometimes children find it hard to confide in their parents. They feel that the parental authority will be too harsh on them and they will not be understood. Social research has found that they tend to lean to their grandparents. It is easy for kids to tell their grannies about bad behavior or decision without getting a backlash.

Grandparents can listen without subjecting them to guilt and judgment like parents sometimes do. As a result, they are easy with them and can open up on issues of love, school, job or life. The best part about confiding in them is, in the end, they get non-judgmental advice to guide them for the future.

4. Grandparents Pass Important Skills and Valuable Life Experiences

Children are good at observing and implementing what others are doing. That is why parents become the child’s first learning experience. Grandparents also become another example where children can adopt other skills. Grandparents will pass handy skills such as knitting, woodwork, baking and many more. These handy skills are important in the development of children.

The process of learning becomes more fun when done with grandparents, instead of feeling like it’s a chore. They have decades of parenting experience which they can use on the children. They can also offer advice to you and the kids on how to handle difficult seasons with grace.

With age, they have known what is important and what’s not worth worrying about or fighting for. Grandparents help children know what matters in life and not what seems to be a big deal. Their experiences will help your children learn how to make important decisions.

5. They Offer Different a Perspective From Parents

One perspective can be boring and limiting. Interacting with different people opens the minds of children to a balanced world. The perspective of grandparents and those of parents is different. Parents tend to perceive children from a view of responsibility and perfection.

Grandparents’ view is that of contentment and achievement. So the environment around each is different. Grandparents are calmer and more attentive, giving children more assurance. Interaction with grandparents helps children get a different perception from those they are used to.

This exposure helps them especially in the internet age today. Due to these pressures, perspectives of parents and even their expectations may not be objective. Parents tend to be too cautious and sometimes full of regrets because of their past experiences.

Grandparents tend to provide a different setting. They are objective, confident and calmer. This can help your child deal with stress that comes with making decisions. Their approach can increase your confidence in your child’s decision making.

The Importance of Grandparents Cannot Be Understated

A previous study linked, close grandparent-adult grandchild relationship to lower cases of depression. Elderly people that spent more time with their grandchildren had fewer lifestyle disorders and mental health issues.

Children also teach grandparents about new developments like technology. This helps to integrate them into daily modern lives and increase their happiness. Another study showed that grandparents under their care tend to live longer too.

When raising them, do not forget the importance of grandparents in the lives of your children. Ensure that they have a good relationship. It could also benefit their health. Be sure to check out our page for more parenting advice and family life tips.


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