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Factors To Consider Before Investing Into Gold Jewellery This Wedding Season


Planning for your own wedding or your loved one’s wedding is an overwhelming experience. Every detail needs your attention, shopping for wedding jewellery and bridal clothes forms the major chunk of your wedding budget. Often, we get carried away while making these expensive purchases, which we regret after few years when we see these things locked in the closet. So here we present you with some factors to consider before you start your wedding jewellery shopping.

1. Theme:

First and the foremost thing that you have to take in account is the theme of the wedding. Are you planning to have a destination wedding? Is there specific color coordination that is going to be followed? So, sit with your wedding planner to get a fair understanding of the décor, theme, color combinations that they have in mind for all your pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding functions. How does this help? So, for example, if you are going all royal and majestic for your wedding, and your theme signifies the Indian culture, then your pick should antique jewellery maharani kundan and meenakari gold haram from Vaibhav Jewellers!

2. Check Your Inherited Jewellery First:

All Indian mothers and grandmothers inevitably save up since your childhood and start purchasing smaller gold items from the time you have been a little girl. Apart from that, there would be certain ornaments that are traditionally passed on to the generations. So, first take a look at that collection to see what all can become a part of your bridal trousseau; you can always mix and match those beautiful timeless pieces with the newer ones that you purchase.

3. Stick to Your Budget:

Now that you know the wedding theme, the number of functions and have explored your existing collection, it would be wise that you set a budget for your jewellery shopping and stick to the budget so that you don’t splurge.

4. Check what’s in Trend:

A little bit of research on what’s trending this wedding season will help you in making a smart choice while buying those baubles. Statement pieces are in vogue, it need not be loud, ornaments like classic pearl and diamond choker can never go out of fashion, this can be even worn with an off-shoulder evening gown later on! If you are clueless about what’s trending, then take a clue from our Bollywood celebs who have tied a knot recently.

5. Know Your Wardrobe:

Don’t be in a rush to shop for your wedding jewellery! Fix a meeting with your fashion designer and makeup artist to finalize on your bridal wear and over all look, only then you explore the ornaments. The neckline of the blouse and the color of the sari dominate the choices you make. With a plunging neckline, layered necklaces studded with emeralds, rubies, and uncut diamonds is trending.

6. Don’t Shop Just For the Big Day:

We get so carried away while making purchases for our big day, that we often forget that such heavy jewellery will not be used often after that. So, when you are out their exploring your D-day jewellery pieces, take a look at some of the daily wear designs. For example, post wedding wearing bangles is a must, so explore some regular wear gold bangles designs with price at the same store.

7. Choose a Trendy Mangalasutra:

When we are surrounded with heavy, antique, grand jewellery, we have an urge to jump our guns and buy a traditional mangalastura. However, remember that mangalasutra is going to be an integral part of your daily married life thereafter, so pick short mangalsutra designs which will compliment both ethnic and office wear.

8. Purchase from Trusted Brand:

This is the most important factor to consider. Make sure the purchase is made from a trusted brand like Vaibhav Jewellers to ensure the highest purity and best value. They a trusted name in jewellery business and have beautiful bridal collection in-stores and on their website www. One look at their “Uttamakshanam Bridal Collection” on their website will make you fall in love with the whole idea of getting married all over again! They have refreshing and trendy daily wear designs in gold jewellery items like bangles, rings, mangalsutras, bracelets etc. They are a one stop shop for all your jewellery needs!

Keeping the above factors in mind and taking suggestions from your family and friends, we are sure you will nail your look for that special day!


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