Explore Brazil: One of the Beautiful Destinations of the World


Being the biggest country in South America with a beautiful coastline of 4,655 miles and having in our opinion some of the most amazing landscapes one can ever witness, Brazil will always remain a top touristic destination for all kinds of travelers. This country, unlike most of its neighbors, speaks Portuguese and it evokes our memories with the sounds of the sea and its multicultural mixture of amazing people. In recent years, most of South America has become a massive destination for adventure seekers and traditional tourists alike. For those of us that can’t get enough of this wonderful country, going to the main areas where everybody seems to be heading can rip some of its undiscovered magic away, encouraging us all look for newly hidden paradises where we can forget about the world and lie on a white sand beach, forgetting time even still goes by. There’s no denying that it won’t ever matter how crowded some areas in Brazil get, it will always remain just as beautiful as the first time ever we laid eyes on it. However, if you’re also planning on finding your own little new favorite place we have the best recommendations for your tourist and adventurer self.

Here are 5 places you should never miss when traveling through the home of the amazing Iguaçu falls.

1. Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha
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Considered by many as one of the most beautiful places in the whole world, Fernando de Noronha has everything your perfect holiday might need. All of its beauty can be enjoyed through all of its 21 islands that will leave the most enthusiastic submarine life fan perplexed. It literally has the whole package for a memorable time. From swimming schools with dolphins and uniquely amazing fishes to the best diving spots for those who enjoy the outlook of crystal clear underwater landscapes. If your bucket list includes a short trip to paradise, by going to this secluded stretches of the smoothest sand you’ve ever felt, you can tick it right off the list.

2. Jericoacoara

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Easily is one of the most amazing, breathtaking, relaxing places we’ve ever seen. Jericoacoara is a dream-come-true fishing village not too far from Fortaleza and Sao Luis, right on the north coast of Ceará, where the embodiment of calmness, peace, and relaxation lives hidden within this amazing gem. Also considered a mecca for Kite surfers due to its strong and yet refreshing winds, with its white endless beaches of the cloth-like sand, it will remain one of our best-found treasures. Here you can wander for hours through luxury restaurants, vibrant nightlife scenery and the best laid back vibes one could ever hope for when going on a long holiday. During our stay at the Jeri Resort, every sunset was taken right out of an academy award winner for cinematography, and even if you think you’ve seen enough of those in your lifetime, an endless amount of activities are waiting right there for you to take part in. From windsurfing, Dune Buggy tours, Sandboarding and Kite surfing, to Horseback Riding, Stand up and Paddle, Kayaking and what Brazil is most famous for Capoeira, a traditional Martial Art developed hundreds of years ago, which at the same time looks like a perfectly coordinated dance.

3. Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande
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Once the stress of Rio de Janeiro starts getting on your nerves and you wish to escape to a beautiful place not too far from the city, you might want to look at what the locals call as the Jewel of the Emerald Coast. Perfectly white clear sand beaches where time stands still, surrounded by the pristine forests, there’s nothing that will stop you from having the time of your life. Anywhere you go as long as the sun can touch it, you’ll find endless deserted beaches for you to enjoy. The most famous one being Lopes Mendes beach can be reached by hiking through the rainforest, making the whole experience something to pass on down generations. Once you’ve had enough calm and relaxation, you can join on any of their nature-centered activities such as mountain biking, hiking through the Atlantic forest, snorkeling, kayaking, literally no excuses to have a bad time.

4. Praia do Forte

Praia do Forte
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At a comfortable 10-minute walk from Salvador in Bahia Costa dos Coqueiros, Praia do Forte hosts miles of white sand framed by the Atlantic Ocean, making this the perfect holiday destination for anyone wanting to have some time off while witnessing the beauty of nature at its best. One of the main things to see here happens when the tide is low. The surrounding reefs become the cradle of beautiful and overall natural pools for enjoying the sun without any sort of worries, while the sea washes away your thoughts and wraps you in a daydreaming fantasy of marine life, sunsets, and peace.

5. Ipanema Beach

Ipanema Beach
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Not necessarily a hidden gem. The beach of Ipanema is the very reason why we fell in love with Brazil the first time we ever visited. All those thoughts, tunes, and melodies that Stan Getz beautifully played while the soothing voice of Astrud Gilberto perfectly wrapped into the most amazing example of Bosa Nova, will stay in our hearts forever like Brazil’s delicious coffee. We would’ve felt guilty if we had left out all those memories without a thought. Though it’s rather hard to find the perfect spot for sunbathing, the constant shadows of beach balls flying all around, the hippie fair at the Praça General Osório and the delicious Caipirinhas from any of the beach stands make up for all of it.

Brazil will always be an open book with an infinite number of pages waiting for everyone to take a gaze into it. An endless number of activities throughout the country, white beaches where even time stops to get a tan and most importantly the general soul of the country that plays with our hearts like the smoothest song on a summer’s night. Its people, culture, food, and landscapes make this one of our favorite destination regardless how many tourists we might run into. If you’d like to share your own experience or ask more about ours, leave a comment below. Otherwise, you already know what to do: Pack your bags and become a witness of how this amazing country makes everybody fall in love with it the second you hop off the plane.



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