4 Exciting Things to Do on your Next Trip to Europe


Planning to travel to Europe on your vacation? You’ll be spoilt for choice by the vast array of places you can visit there. If you love skiing, the Austrian Hintertux Alps and the Les Deux Alpes located in France are the perfect destinations. You could also visit Italy and ride through the islands of Sardinia and Sicily.

Whatever you choose to do during your European vacation, tag your family along and make it memorable. Since travelling is your doorway into the world, it’s important to make hay while the sun shines.

Here are Four unique things to do on your next trip to Europe:

1. Sailing in Breathtaking Locations

There are numerous sailing destinations in Europe: from the beautiful beaches of Spain to the exotic islands of Croatia. You can visit Greece, a popular sailing location, and fall in love with the rich culture and the deep blue sea. You could also sail through Italy and explore the stunning rocky escarpments that throng the coastline. If you’re in the mood for passion and romance, travel to Spain and book a yacht charter. You’ll enjoy every exhilarating moment of your travel. There are dozens of sailing charter holidays in Europe tailored just for you.

2. Visit Vatican’s St. Peter’s Basilica

There’s rich history to be explored in the Vatican, including the grandest basilica on earth. St. Peter’s Basilica boasts of hosting the best artistic pieces across Italy, including Michelangelo’s Pieta. This spectacular building has enough capacity to occupy 60,000 people. Every inch of this basilica contains vast history and culture – the arena itself was build atop another 4th Century church.

3. Travel to the Scenic Barcelona

Barcelona, the vibrant cosmopolitan situated in Spain, is widely popular for its breathtaking art and riveting architecture. The city is so fascinating that the Royal Institute of British Architects gifted it with a Royal Gold Medal because of its unique architectural beauty. Barcelona has lots of beaches that dot its coastline. If you’re ever in the mood for enjoying the blue ocean view while getting a tan, pitch your mat on one of Barcelona’s breathtaking beaches. This city also hosts the world’s second largest football stadium: the Camp Nou. If you’re a football fanatic, you can join more than 90,000 fans in watching frequent matches hosted at Camp Nou. There are about 68 parks in Barcelona where you can visit.

4. Head over to Portugal

Portugal is a beautiful coastal country that’s often underrated by tourists. It hosts a variety of intriguing natural attractions coupled by historically rich castles. The Oceanario de Lisboa is a popular oceanarium located in Lisbon, Portugal’s capital. It hosts a wide assortment of marine creatures that can be viewed through a central underground tank. You can also check out the Palacio Nacional de Sintra as well as Mosteiro dos Jeronimos, two unique landmarks located at the heart of Lisbon. There are numerous wine regions around Portugal. Also check out the stunning bars in Porto while at it.

These four excursions are sure to make your next European trip exciting.


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