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European Beaches for You: 5 Most Beautiful Ones


It’s never too early to start thinking about your next summer vacation and all possibilities around the world. Although visiting places you have already been to before is a safe bet, I always prefer to explore and find somewhere new to go. So it’s good to know that Europe holds countless hidden gems for curious tourists. Regardless of preferences, it’s almost guaranteed that everyone can find a fitting destination on “the old continent“. Europe is known for its breath-taking beaches and further in this article I will present you five the most beautiful European beaches that you can experience and enjoy here.

1. Cala Macarelleta Beach (Spain)

cala macarelleta beach, European beaches
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Cala Macarelleta is one of the most beautiful European beaches in the Menorca area, and why not, in the whole Spain. The beach is surrounded by hills, which are “decorated” with holm oaks and pine trees. The beach itself has the finest white sand, and the turquoise waters are creating a unique sight. The weather is more than pleasant in Cala Macarelleta. The best proof for that are sunbathers, who can be found on the beach throughout the whole year. Yes, even during the winter! The water is warm and welcoming, with temperatures pleasant enough to accommodate swimmers all year round. If you get tired of too much sunbathing and swimming, you can always go for a hiking trip on the nearest hills. This way, you will be able to appreciate this little part of paradise from the heights.

2. Navagio Beach (Greece)

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You will find the Navagio Beach on the Zakynthos Island. This is one of the most famous and interesting European beaches located in Greece. The thing that makes Navagio so special is the nearby old wreck of a smugglers ship. This beach is often called “The Shipwreck” by the locals, because of this interesting tourist attraction. The beach is isolated from the rest of the island and you can find it on the North-West shore of the Zakynthos island. You wont be able to miss it, because the white sand beaches combined with its sheers limestone cliffs and the clear blue waters will surely lock your attention. The weather is great almost during the whole year. So, you can enjoy in all of its beauties even during the early spring and late autumn.

3. Cala Mariolu (Italy)

european beaches, cala mariolu italy
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At this point, everybody has heard about Sardinia. But, not many know about its most beautiful beach. Located on the eastern coast, Cala Mariolu impresses by its smooth sands and the limestone rocks. Even if it’s only 60 meters long, the beach is usually not too crowded. After a relaxing day on the beach, you can opt-in for popular scuba diving sessions. Underwater life around the beach is nothing short of astonishing. And, it offers a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else.

4. Praia Da Marinha (Portugal)

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This beach is located near Portimao, an important city of Portugal. Even though the beach is extremely well-reviewed, most of the times is crowd-free. In order to get to the beach, you need to follow a steep path, which will take you directly on the middle of the smooth sands. What makes Praia Da Marinha so special are its surrounding high cliffs, which act like a natural parasol in the really warm days. Aside from sunbathing or swimming in the warm waters, you can enjoy in many other activities while here. The place is full of different lagoons, little coves and caves, that are just waiting for you to explore them.

5. Zlatni Rat Beach (Croatia)

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It’s hard to establish which is the most beautiful beach in Croatia, but Zlatni Rat successfully qualifies in top 3. The beach is located on the southern part of Brac island, right near Hvar. The beach is so special because of its unusual and unique shape. From the moment you arrive there, you’ll be thrilled by how nature has managed to do something that perfect. The crystal clear waters and the white sands will provide classical Mediterranean experience. Sunbathing and swimming is not everything that you can do here. Activities on Zlatni Rat are plenty. Visitors can charter yacht, sail around the island and explore the surroundings of the beach. The landscape is amazing and it’s definitely worth of every moment spend there.

Europe is rich with plethora of beautiful European beaches, island resorts and all sort of attractive destinations. Each and every one them offers something unique and interesting to enrich your vacation experience. Combination of nice warm weather, welcoming pristine beaches and blue waters are a great invitation in itself. But that’s far from everything. Great local food and wine, rich European history, traditional hospitality and natural wonders are there as well to make your vacation as memorable as possible.


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