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10 Ways to Enjoy Las Vegas Without Gambling


Most people that come to Sin City are looking for some gambling action. They want to hit the roulette wheel, find the best blackjack games in Las Vegas, or try their luck on the countless slot machines in the gambling capital of the world.

But Las Vegas can offer so much more than that, and we decided to shed some light on the other attractions of the famous destination.

If you are going there and want something else to do, here are our suggestions for the ten best ways to enjoy Las Vegas without gambling.

1. Visit the Grand Canyon

If you enjoy Mother Nature and would like to get out of the glamour of Las Vegas for a day, the regular Grand Canyon tours are your best bet (pun intended!). There are countless options to visit the South Rim of the famous canyon.Simply ask your hotel or use Google to find one.

The experienced guides will show you the best spots and also share some interesting facts about the legendary Route 66. It’s an excellent experience that most Vegas tourists underestimate because it takes some effort.

2. Visit Hoover Dam

Our first suggestion was a wonder of nature.The next one was created by men, but it’s equally epic. Hoover Dam is an easy day trip. Most Las Vegas hotels will offer you the chance to visit Hoover Dam, and we strongly recommend that you take full advantage of that. The sight is out of this world, and you can take some next-level selfies!

The construction has been a tourist attraction for a long time, and the guided tour is well worth taking. You can easily spend a couple of unforgettable hours at Hoover Dam.

3. Go to a Pool Party

If you are not that biga fan of sightseeing and would like some action, you should go to one of the famous Las Vegas pool parties. They run all the time around the city. Simply grab your swimsuit and enjoy the fancy cocktails.

The parties start early and end late. Things can get a little crazy at times, but that’s the point, isn’t it?

4. The V Theater!

Some of the most entertaining shows on the planet can be witnessed in the V Theater. We recommend that you check the schedule and get your tickets early on, or you risk missing out. The interest is massive, especially for the most famous shows like The Mentalist, Zombie Burlesque, VEGAS! The Show, and others.

It doesn’t really matter what is available during your stay in Las Vegas, as pretty much every show at the V Theater is legendary, trust us.

5. Visit Madame Tussauds

Wax figures never get old! If you want to take a picture with a realistic version of your favorite celebrity, the Madame Tussauds Las Vegas is the place to go. You will see famous actors, politicians, music stars, sports legends, and even Marvel superheroes!

You can take a simple selfie with any of them or let your imagination take over! The fun is guaranteed, so you’d better include Madame Tussauds in your plans.

6. Visit the Mob Museum

The history of Las Vegas is interesting, to say the least. The city was founded by the mob, and some of the most powerful gangsters owned pretty much everything for decades.

They were laundering billions of dollars through the casinos in Sin City, all coming from drugs, prostitution, and other illegal activities from all over the USA.

The Mob Museum is the place that can provide a lot more information about that, as well as some authentic pictures and unique artifacts of a wild time in the history of Las Vegas.

You’ll find it interesting that the famous Martin Scorsese movie “Casino” is pretty much based on real-life stories. If you haven’t watched it, we recommend you check it out before going to Vegas.It will be a nice rehearsal for the Mob Museum.

7. Visit the Stratosphere Observation Deck

The Las Vegas Stratosphere Observation Deck is one of the tallest observation towers in the USA. It’s 1,149 feet tall and offers a view that will instantly blow your mind. You will have access to a 360-degree sight of Sin City. We recommend you visit the Observation Deck when the sun goes down.

You can combine the experience with many other attractions the Stratosphere has to offer. There are countless numbers of them, but they are not for people with a weak heart.

8. Enjoy Some of the Best Restaurants in the World

You will find some of the best chefs in the world in Las Vegas. Since there are too many exquisite restaurants and everyone has their own taste, we decided not to single out one particular one. You can find all kinds of food here, so make sure to discover a suitable restaurant and enjoy cuisine that is available in very few other places in the world.

9. Take the City Bus Tour

Okay, that might sound a bit lame, but it’s not.Believe us. There are plenty of options for the Las Vegas bus tours, and most of them are worth the money you will pay. You will have the chance to see all the famous hotels and places in Sin City and hear some incredible stories about them.

It’s a nice way to learn more about the city and see everything it has to offer (at least on the surface) in a time-efficient manner.

10. Enjoy Fremont Street

The eye-catching Fremont Street is for pedestrians only and offers all kinds of entertainment for tourists. It’s impressive at pretty much any point of the day. You will struggle to find a more iconic street even in Las Vegas.


As you can see, Las Vegas certainly has a lot more to offer besides gambling. Keep in mind that the activities above are only a fraction of what’s available in the city.

If you plan to spend a long vacation there, you should definitely take a look at other options too.


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