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Five Ways to Enhance Your Breast Size


Shaped body is a blessing; you deserve to be proud of it instead of feeling embarrassed. Every woman wishes for bigger boobs after inspiring from Hollywood celebrities and their abundant breasts, right? And obviously in case of breasts, bigger is always better and having heavy boobs can catch any guy’s attention smoothly, so why holding a flat chest? The point to consider is, are you okay to go through the knife surgeries and can tolerate the circumstances, then go through these major procedures like silicone breast implants and fat transfer breast augmentation, these methods can give the desired cup sized breasts instantly but keep in mind they contain some drawbacks too. If you want to increase the breast size to the desired one, then try these natural tips mentioned below;

Diet for Bigger Breasts

Diet is an efficient method to shape up your body while in case of breast size, it demands proper nutrition plan.

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A)    Milk:

Consumption of milk supports the breast tissues to grow. Especially cow’s milk intake helps in enlargement of breast size as it contains estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin which are essential for women to produce milk.

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B)    Green leafy vegetables:

Vegetables are enriched with iron and calcium. To attain enhanced breasts, include vegetables in your nutrition, especially those green leafy vegetables like spinach, peas, etc.  Note that! A lot of green leafy vegetables are not fertilized with the substance called phytoestrogens, which is used to enhance breast tissues while they do help in toning the developed breasts. Furthermore, green leafy vegetables support in the balancing of hormones in a woman’s body and help natural estrogen level to manage the functions of the body. Moreover, the resist the male testosterone generation in women’s body.

C)    Nuts:

Looking at the significance of nuts in respect of breast enlargement, they are highly packed with monosaturated fats. Hence nuts are necessary for the growth of breast tissues.


Another way to enlarge the breast size is by using the supplements like herbal treatments. These herbal pills specialized in breast enhancement help in balancing the specific level of hormones in women’s body. These are made up of vigorous herbs which imitate the women’s body hormones necessary for breast growth. Few of the herbs include are damiana, ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, dong quai root and consecrated with thorn among others.

Use Massage Techniques for Enlarging your Breast Size

Another source of enhancing the breast size is to use the massage techniques with implementation of the breast enhancement creams, without spending a stack of dollars, and also avoiding the side effects might appear on use of artificial treatments, plus the method is natural on which every woman agrees instantly. One of the ways among them is to massage your breast to enhance your breast size. By doing this, the flow of blood in your chest will stimulate, resulting in the improvement of circulation in your chest area. Applying this method will support in breast enlargement along with growing breast health. You can get the best massage and breast enhancement creams at http://www.brestrogenbuy.com/


Have you ever read somewhere that exercise is just staying healthy, fit and to build up muscles, to shape up your body, and also for toning of your shaped body? The natural way of enhancing your breast size is by doing breast exercise. This method is comparatively cheap and secure plus an easy one. Though your genes decide the size of your boobs, you can make them firm and toned.

Some Other Ways

One of the most important ways for your boobs growth is wearing the proper bra. Bra size and shape matters a lot in controlling sagging, firming up, and toning your breasts. While the other easy way is breast massage, doing it once a day will enlarge your breasts.


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