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Drooling over Kareena’s Abs from Veere Di Wedding Promotions? Here’s How You Can Achieve Them Too!


Kareena Kapoor was recently spotted at the trailer launch of the much awaited movie Veere Di wedding,  Sporting a blue bandeau top, matching trousers and a jacket leaving us absolutely stunned. If you are drooling  over her abs too, here’s  a guide on getting the perfect ones.

1. First Things First, Lose Average Body Fat

gym, abs workoutIt’s difficult carving out something on a Plumpy Canvas, so ditch the lazy evenings,  hit the gym and have a dose of some cardio.

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2. Change Your Diet

lean meat, diet, absJust leaving out on carbohydrates helps in losing weight,  but does very little in helping achieve abs. So, add up a generous amount of protein in your diet and do not forget to add lean fats  such as fish, chicken and turkey.

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3. Go Low on Sugar and Oil

spicy foodOily,  spicy foods,  fast foods,  sugary drinks and sweets are a strict NO NO. Ditch them at the earliest.

4. Have Yogurt

yogurtYogurt  is one complete inevitable meal for the perfect abs so don’t miss out on it and add up a generous portion  to your diet.

5. Abs Workout

bicycle crunch, abs workoutAlong with doses of cardio, what’s really required for the carved abs are some specific abs workout exercises. Crunches can be the best way to get to the goal.  Do it in varieties like bicycle crunches, side crunches,  reverse crunches.  Repeat it in sets of 20 and it would do the needful.

6. Have Small Meals at Regular Intervals

Have foods in small amounts, in 5 to 6 intervals and avoid late night snacks because the body metabolism is really low at that time.

7. Last But Not the Least,  Drink Lots and Lots of Water

drink waterWater is the one stop solution to every perfect figure.  Drink about 2.5 to 3 litres of water everyday and especially before meals,  to give your stomach an  Illusion of being full, so as to reduce the food intake.

Go rock your crop tops this summer and don’t forget to come back and share your experience in the comment section below.

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