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Knowing Which Marketing Efforts Pay Off: 3 Reasons Why Every Dentist Should Take Advantage of Call Tracking


When it comes to booking an appointment with the dentist, most patients will call the office, even after reading their brochure or visiting their website. Talking on the phone to the dental office provides patients with a more reliable source of information. Calls from prospective and existing patients are how dental offices can continue running. Finding out how these callers learn about your practice is vital to the success and growth of your dental office. Here are three reasons why your office should take advantage of call tracking.

1. Track Campaign Performance

According to Call Source, a company that specializes in call tracking solutions, one of the most straight-forward reasons businesses should invest in call tracking is to get a better picture of how their marketing campaigns are doing. By tracking the number of calls coming into your office, you can determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. A good campaign will drive a high volume of calls for a low cost per call. If you don’t take advantage of call tracking, you would have no idea if your campaign is achieving your marketing goals.

2. Compare Different Marketing Campaigns

When you track and record the inbound calls coming into your dental office, you can compare the performance of the different marketing campaigns that you are currently running, including your discounts offered and various marketing channels. This valuable information can help you to make better use of your advertising budget and tailor your marketing campaign. Utilizing dental marketing for dental offices and call tracking will allow you to get a clearer idea of your marketing efforts so you can cut spending on low performing campaigns and increase your spending on the higher performing campaigns.

For example, if your office spent $1,000 on a radio spot that only brought in five new calls, and $4,000 on a direct mail piece that resulted in 40 new calls to the office, using the same promotional offer, you can determine that the direct mail piece was more effective at bringing in new prospects. Therefore, you can save money the next month by ditching the radio ad and keeping the direct mail campaign.

3. Improve Call Handling

One of the most overlooked features of call tracking is the ability to record the phone calls coming in. Call recording can help you identify issues with answering the phone, which can be corrected with training. In fact, according to Convirza, phone calls that were recorded increased employee’s sales skills by 41 percent on phone calls that ended with the desired result of setting an appointment, booking service, or the purchase of a product during the phone conversation. When your office can handle calls better, the production of your dental practice will increase dramatically. Being able to convert more calls successfully can provide you with more clients without you having to increase your marketing budget.

Call tracking is an extremely effective way to streamline your marketing campaign and increase the number of callers that your office converts to patients. Call tracking will deliver the insights and information your dental practice needs to grow and acquire new patients.


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