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I Don’t Feel Confident While I’m On Dates. I’m In a Serious Need for Dating Tips!!!


Dating is now-a-days quite a popular term among the youths of today’s generation. It takes place when two individuals meet with each other for companionship, but desire to have a relationship beyond simple friendship. When they go for a date for the first time, they feel nervous with a tingling sensation going on inside them. But, it is essential to look confident and smart to be successful on the first date. Also, you need to make your girl feel comfortable and special as well. Here are the top 5 essential dating tips for a boy.

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1. Try to Act Cool

First and foremost, one of the essential dating tips is maintain your calmness and have control on your excitement. Though you may feel nervous from inside, but, always be cool. This will make your partner feel comfortable and free. Even if your date looks stunningly and extremely gorgeous, just don’t keep staring at her. Also, don’t forget to maintain the manners and courtesy correctly. Ask her for what she’ll like to have. Also, try having a conversation that will make both of you feel comfortable with each other. These are extremely essential to impress a girl.

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2. Be Prepared For Your Don’ts

Be ready both physically and mentally before going for your date, As the proverb goes, first impression is the last impression. So, don’t go wrong right in the beginning. This can portray a wrong impression of yourself. Spend good and quality time on your looks so that you appear absolutely confident. It’s important that your date gets attracted to you by your charming physical appearance and pleasing personality. So, you must be aware of the not to do things properly while you’re on a date.

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3. Look Confident

Always remember that girls look out for confident guys. Your personality will be a total waste if you don’t sound confident. So, get rid of all the worries, tension and nervousness and just relax. Talk on the topic, which sounds familiar to you. If you feel nervous, divert your mind to something interesting, fun and entertaining. If you feel that your date is getting bored with your conversation, simply change the topic. This will portray that you’re witty and smart as well.

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4. Make the Date Casual

This is one of the very few mandatory dating tips. When you’re on your first date, simply remember that the girl sitting right in front of you isn’t your girlfriend. She has just come for a date. Decide the venue and menu accordingly. Also, the time is extremely important. Thus, try to keep it as casual and simple as possible. There should be the air of comfort prevailing all around your date. This helps to build up a strong and emotional bonding between each other right in the beginning.

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5. Full Concentration on Her

The girl you’re dating should be the center of your attention. Tell her about yourself, talk to her, praise her, ask her about her preferences, choices. Don’t keep on checking your phone or watch. All these will imply that you’re simply not interested in her. And the date will never turn into a successful relationship in such a case. Try not to leave any negative impression on your date. Make her feel absolutely spontaneous and beautiful is one of the most essential dating tips for guys.

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Though, these are some of the tricky ideas to go successful on your first date, yet, always try to use your instinct and consciousness according to the situation. Make sure of your gestures and moves and make your date feel extremely superb. Now, enjoy your date keeping in mind these superb dating tips.


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