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Dating tips in Black and White for Valentine’s Day


The day of expressing love to your beloved one is coming close, it is one of the most awaited day for many people for some it might have a jittery feel. If you are someone who recently found your ideal partner through black and white date site then this article is just for you. Spending a date with your interracial partner can be little tricky and it is surely going to feel different for the first time, Top5Life is here to help you with top tips to make this Valentine’s day more pleasurable and memorable.

Valentine Date Planning Tips for Black and White Dating

Planning a valentine date can feel like walking on a tightrope:

You’re attempting to impress her without appearing on too strong or desperate. As a result, most of the guys end up making mistakes that can be avoided easily. Let’s start with the planning part for valentine day.

Choose a reputed place to spend time together:

romantic date, Valentines Day, love, dinner dateFirst of all, do your research about the place you are planning to spend your special time, choose a reputed restaurant or place where interracial couples are warmly welcomed. It’s your special time and you surely don’t want to ruin it. If you are not sure about the perfect place, take help by browsing on Google.

Make sure you have a pre-booking:

Most of the good restaurants, pubs and hotels are jam-packed on valentine day, always make a pre-booking for your selected place. Hopping to a place without pre-booking may lead to standing in a queue for hours.

Involve food and drink:

That’s so obvious but people still forget to check it. Plan a restaurant that offers good food and drinks, it will allow you to have an array of options on your date night.

Have a Plan-B:

What if everything doesn’t go really well? Have a follow up plan in mind so that you can extend your date period. Sometimes you just need a Plan-B in case Plan-A fails.

Check the events going around the city; if you are going on a dinner date and expect it to be completed by 9 pm then have a plan ready after that in case you date wants to extend time and spend some more time with you. You can check theater shows, concerts, amusement parks, pubs that are open late at night.

Dating Tips

To make sure you leave a good first impression, to relieve your pre-valentine jitters and make your dating sail smoothly, here are some ingenious and practical dating tips.

Gifts Don’t Need to be Expensive

Valentines Day, V Day, love, romance
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Buying a gift for the first date is always a warm gesture and she is definitely going to appreciate it, but the gift doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive. Buying a bunch of roses or box of chocolate can do the work for you.

Guys understand this, most of the women you’re dating are not gold diggers and they are not expecting hefty gifts, even the simplest gift can elevate her mood for the day.

Dress Appropriately

That’s so obvious, right? Still, many guys fail to do it properly.

For the Valentine date, it’s not a good idea to wear bare minimum, your attempt to go little above that will be appreciated. Fact is, women put a lot of effort in getting themself ready for the date and they are expecting you to do the same, have a fresh haircut, trim that beard, wear your best dress (according to the place), wear a nice perfume. These small actions of yours will go a long way in keeping your interested in you.

Who is Going to Pay the Bills?

It’s okay to be a little practical about money but you are expected to pay the bill on the first date, so it’s better to plan a date you can really afford.

These days, many women like to share equal responsibility and love to pay their part, if she offers to split the bill then don’t force yourself to pay the full bill.

You can ask her to pay the bill of next date (that will allow to make space for the second date), but if she still insists to split the bill then accept her proposal with all due respect.

Communication Tip

Planning an interracial valentine date can be a little tricky, you have planned a perfect date but it is insufficient without proper communication. Establishing good communication level is the most important ingredient of successful dating, here are some tips to make it possible.

Make It Two-Way Communication

In sheer excitement, many guys forget to establish two-way communication.

Two-way communication includes speaking and listening, but most of the people forget to listen.

Interracial dating involves a lot of learning and understanding new cultural values, active listening will have a positive impact on your date.

Ditch the Heavy Talks

When you’re dating someone from a different race, you need to stay cautious about what you talk. Keep yourself distant from heavy talks, talking about global politics, stereotyping or digging into family hierarchy can ruin your date.


She has invested a lot of efforts to look her best on her date and complements are really appreciated. A lightly weighted compliment can get you both into the rhythm.

Do Your Homework

I hate awkward silence, it is a situation when you lack content to talk about. Solution? Dig deep into her social media profile and get to know her better, know her hobbies so that you can keep your communication going. Preparing a few questions ahead of the date is always a good idea.


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