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4 Daily Tips for Looking After and Maintaining Your Eyesight


Significant eyesight loss is a possibility when you don’t take care of your vision. All ages are vulnerable, so it’s a good idea to get up to speed on maintenance and care. Using the four tips below will get you started. For more information beyond these tips, check out Truvision Acuity for more details.

4. Eat The Right Food

Carrots are still the superfood that is most recommended when you want to improve eyesight. They are rich in vitamin A and will aid vision in multiple ways. Zinc, vitamin c and e and copper are also essential to eyesight health. Eating foods with a combo of these nutrients will give you all the food defences necessary for better vision. Eating the right food becomes especially important as you get older. A good diet will always be the right choice to maintain health overall health.

3. Give Your Eyes A Break

Take the time to think about how often you look at a screen throughout the day. Cell phones, tablets, televisions, computer screens and more will irritate your eyes. In short bursts, it isn’t a big deal. But when you’re constantly going from one screen to another, your eyes will dry out fast. There is also the problem of not realizing that you haven’t blinked for half an hour. Give your eyes a break by getting away from irritants, napping or blinking to keep them from drying out.

2. Smoking Hurts Eyes

Smoking causes several health issues, and blindness can be one of them. The contributions of smoking to blindness varies but is at its worst with chain smoking. There is also the chance that smoking can harm the beneficial antioxidants needed for regular eye health. For some people, there is a scenario where smoking will cause cataracts, age-related eye issues and more. The mixed bag of smoking and vision loss is not worth the risk, so at the very least smoking alternatives should be considered. You never know when smoking will cause permanent damage to your eyes.

1. Eye Exams Are Mandatory

Just like the dentist, eye exams should be on your list of regular checkups. Unfortunately, many people go years without getting their eyes checked for problems. During this time, chronic problems develop that are hard to reverse. The longer you go without a checkup, the more serious a problem you create. Eye exams are quick, painless and can diagnose a lot of the most common problems with vision loss. Once you start scheduling regular exams, doctors can create a preemptive strike against any eyesight problems that come your way. It is better to be informed about the problem early instead of trying to figure it out when it’s too late.

Wrap Up

It is up to you to decide how much of a priority vision is. Maintaining good eyesight requires prioritizing your health, and taking care of the little things. By using these four tips, you’re already on the way to improving your eyes.


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