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Here’s Why You Should Choose Custom Compound Medications for Your Child


As a parent, your child’s health is the most important thing to deal with. Whether your child is healthy, suffers from minor issues like seasonal allergies, or have been diagnosed with a more serious condition, it’s up to you to ensure your child is receiving the right treatment and staying as healthy as possible. When your child requires medication, it becomes a challenge for many parents. Not only do medications not taste well, but there’s also the unknown about what exactly you’re putting into your child’s body and is it effective. This is where many parents are opting to customize your kids’ prescriptions through custom compound medications.

1. What are Custom Compound Medications?

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Custom compound medications have been approved by the FDA are medications that have been customized to meet the specific needs of a patient. For instance, custom compound medications are used for a variety of reasons in both adults and children, such as:

  • Combine several medications into one to alleviate the need to take multiple pills every day
  • Create doses for the patient’s specific height and weight
  • Remove inactive ingredients, such as dyes
  • Remove allergens from specific medications to make them applicable to a specific patient
  • Change dosages for patients with a high intolerance
  • Add flavors to medication
  • Rebuild a medication from scratch

With all these possibilities, more and more pharmacies are noticing the benefits of investing in the technologies and resources needed to provide custom compound medications in house.

2. How are Custom Compound Medications Made?

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Custom compound medications are made by compounding pharmacists, who process and/or combine specific ingredients in order to make a medication that makes sense for a particular patient. For instance, medications can be changed from pill to liquid form (or vice versa). These are typically done in specialized pharmacies, however, commercial pharmacies are starting to opt for the lower-end compounding options, such as adding flavors to a child’s medication.

3. What are the Benefits of Custom Compound Medications?

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Since custom compound medication is used for a variety of reasons, the benefits are particularly strong. Customizing the medication for a child, for instance, gives parents more peace of mind when it comes to treating your child. For example, a child who is smaller in size to children his/her age will not need the same dosage. Instead of potentially making your child sick, custom compound medication can ensure your child receives the right dosage.

Another benefit can be found if your child suffers from allergies. If there’s a medication your child needs, but an allergy to a specific ingredient will be harmful to your child, you can customize it to remove that specific ingredient. This way, your child can reap the benefits of the medication without putting them at risk.

Finally, for all those parents out there who have picky children, compound medication gives you an easier way to get your child to take a medicine. First, if your child’s medication comes in pill form, you can opt for compound medication to turn it into a liquid or gel cap, which is easier for your child to handle. In addition, if your child does have liquid medication, you can put a flavor in the medicine to ensure your child has an easier time taking it.

Dealing with children’s’ medications can be stressful, and the last thing you want to do is watch your child suffer just because of a specific medicine. Instead of having a constant battle or feeling like you’re out of options, talk with your doctor and/or pharmacist about custom compound medications for children.


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