Privacy Window Film

Creative Uses For Privacy Window Film


Using a privacy window film is becoming increasingly popular. The film not only enhances the appearance of a space but also prevents unwanted peeping of nosy neighbors, children, or guests. If you are not aware about how the film works, consider this list consisting of ­­­7 ways of using privacy window film creatively.

1. Hide Kitchen Cabinet Contents

It is becoming increasingly popular to use glass cabinet doors in the kitchen, as glass opens up the visual space and gives your kitchen an airy and light feeling. However, the cabinet contents peeping through the glass panes do not look appealing unless you keep your crockery and containers prim and proper.

You can use decorate privacy window film instead. You will be able to both keep glass panes and make your kitchen space look bigger, while still keeping your pantry private. You can choose from a variety of finishes to blend in with your kitchen decor.

2. Stop Glare from Skylights or High Windows

Everyone loves skylights and high accent windows because they let in natural light while offering safety. But many times the windows also let damaging UV rays and sunlight come in.

You can opt for getting window treatments done but they are expensive. A cheaper solution is to include privacy window film. The film will not only block harmful UV rays and unwanted glare but also give way to natural light.

3. Create a One-way Mirror

 A privacy window film can also be used as a mirror. You can put the film on the exterior of the window. This will let you see the outside. But to the one standing on the other side of the window, i.e. where the privacy window film has been put up, nothing will be visible except their own reflection.

4. Cover up Your Shower Space

When you first moved into your new house alone or with your partner, you must have loved the glass shower door. But, now, maybe you have a flatmate or kids and would like to get some privacy. Getting the whole door changed could cost a lot of money. However, putting up a privacy window film would do the job for fairly less amount.

5. Cover Half a Window

Sometimes, you might want to cover only half of your window. In situations where you still want to see outside of your window while having some privacy, privacy window film comes to the rescue.

This is also an effective way to block the sunlight that might be bothering you while sitting on your favorite couch, or sleeping during the day.

6. Beautify Your Home’s Interior

Have you been thinking to change some of your interiors, but are skeptical about how it would look? You can invest in the cost-effect privacy window films that mimic the appearance of stained glass, rice-paper look, window with colorful corners, etched glass, etc.

These films can be changed frequently as they are not very expensive, and help you decide if these additions could be kept for a longer period. You can then make permanent changes to your home.


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