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7 Unique & Creative Birthday Cards Ideas for your Beloved


Birthdays are meant to be beautiful and full of memories. It is more the others whose responsibility is to make the beloved’s birthday the most special day in the year. We all hover here and there to search for the best gift to present as the birthday gift. But, there are some gifts that never get old. There are some ideas of gifts that are old school, but never stop to be special. One of them is the handmade DIY birthday cards.

1. Scrapbook Sticker Birthday Card

Now a day we can find varieties of designs which are new and unique for birthday cards. One of them is the scrapbook stickers. Scrapbook is a copy made with coloring craft papers as the pages of the copy. There are many stickers that are available. You can buy them and paste them on the coloring pages contrasting the background. Write small notes on each of the pages to make them more special and remarkable for them. This is a kind of card gift that is very colorful as every birthday gift should be.

2. Watercolor Balloons Birthday Card

This is one of the most crafty and creative ideas to make an ideal birthday card. First you need to cut crush papers into shapers of balloons with strings. Then you need to color those balloons background with lighter shades with different colors for different balloons. At last brush paint the balloons with brighter colors. Then stick them on the card front with written happy birthday in calligraphy. You can also do graphic or block/pattern painting on the balloons as well.

3. Cupcake Birthday Card

You need many crafts to make this beautiful and unique birthday cards. A brown paper as the base of the card and some glossy colorful chart papers can be of great help. To make it look attractive, try to stick some ribbons as well. Choose the color of the papers according to the person’s favorite flavor. On the strip, write happy birthday with fragrant pens and send it to them. This will be one of the best memories that he/she will always keep.

4. Real Flower Birthday Card

This card needs a little more time to make it perfect. Choose small and light flowers herb and ferns that can be made one dimensional easily without changing the beauty and the shapes. Also, pick some green deciduous leaves as well. Then put them inside newspapers and keep them inside heavy notebooks to make them dry a little bit. After weeks, bring them out and see whether the waters are soaking or not. Do a lighter shade of color and design on the card. Then press those flowers with glue. Then again keep them inside the notebook for two or three days. Then send the most unique DIY cards on your beloved’s birthday. . You can send birthday flowers along with this card to your beloved

5. Washi Tape Birthday Card

Washi tapes are beautiful coloring and designed tapes used for decoration. They have sparkles, decorative designs on them with which you can make candles on the cards for the occasion of birthday. You can make the card background deep color while choosing the tapes of lighter colors. Or you can go the vice-versa. In any case, they will look amazing. You can also make designs on the cards with those tapes. Your beloved will feel surprised to see your creativity.

6. Pop up Greeting Card Idea

These are gift card ideas that need folding cards, cutting paper designs. You can make a birthday cake of a bouquet of flowers by paper cutting. Then you stick that at the opened card putting equal halves of the paper cutting in each half. Then close the card perfectly. Such a card will be perfect to send with online birthday gift delivery.

7. Social Media Birthday Card

This is the fun birthday card. Where you can choose any social media site and draw a replica of it on the card. In the message box, write Happy Birthday. Or you can divide the card into four equal halves and then take up each part to make social media replicas. This will be a new and exclusive kind of birthday cards.

Cards are the oldest yet forever gifts on occasions like birthdays. Above are some exclusive ideas of making outstanding birthday cards for your loved ones.


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