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4 Tips To Creating Your Own Shopping Bag


The use of plastic bags has quickly become a thing of the past with many countries embracing eco-friendly means in every facet. Still, there’s the debate on whether produced textiles are made of harmful chemicals, plastics or non-harmful substances. This has made individuals opt for reusable shopping bags from stores. But instead of buying, you can make your own shopping bag from suitable and readily available items.

Here are some tips that will help you get started.

1. Lay Out Your Own Design

Just imagine how you want your shopping bag to look like and the size. After doing so cut and nip it well from the top seams to the bottom seams, then cut on either side to have an appealing pattern. Whether you intend to go with a square, a circular or rectangular shape is up to you. Put in mind that you can use different pieces of fabrics which must be leveled correctly from exterior to the interior parts.

Old jeans, t-shirts, box sacks, leather and old sheets would make nice fabrics. Furthermore, you can settle on your preferred colors whether they are light or dark. To make things even exciting, you could add a nice logo of your name.

2. Sew and Pin the Top Layer of the Bag

First and foremost, ensure you nip the exterior lining and all around before you begin sewing as it will make your sewing less excruciating. In doing so, you can sew on the layers that you pressed neatly putting your main focus on the exterior lining. If you intend to have your seams lay flat, then you may as well trim them a bit for an extended look. Remember that you can also nip off the bulge if you want to have flatter seams.

3. Perfect Stitching

You want your shopping bag to be firm and strong on the sides and edges. The last thing you want is to have your fruits or vegetables fall from your shopping bag. It doesn’t matter which type of fabrics you’ve used, ensure that you get to stitch well enough on every required part. Let your sewing be directed on all the layers, inside and out and also on the edges. Be thorough and orderly to ensure that you create that fascinating shopping bag.

4. Strong Handles

Turn your bag inside out and then pin across the inclination of the seams just along the exterior stitched line. Fold the handle in half and fold the seams in the opposite direction. This will make it easier to pin the handle onto the seams without necessarily hurting yourself with a pin. Also, the handles should be strong enough to take the weight of your shopping items. In addition, you can choose to make the handles of your shopping bag long or short depending on your preference.

If you are not up to the task of making your own shopping bag, you can visit where you can get to source for a wide collection of reusable bags ranging from woven to non-woven.


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