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Ups and Downs of Counter Depth Refrigerator


Appliances have made our life easy due to their great benefits. They have reduced the time of working and now people are more relaxed during the work. All this comfort and luxury is due to the appliances. There is a long list of appliances that people use in their house kitchen. A refrigerator is one of the important appliances from that list. The refrigerator comes in various designs and with different functionalities. One has to choose it according to their own need. In this blog, we will be looking at the counter depth refrigerator. A counter-depth refrigerator is a full-size model that comes with or without a freezer compartment. This style has become very popular but everything is having some ups and downs. With appliances, malfunctioning is also common so to get your appliances repaired, you need to get in touch with professional companies to avail the appliance repair service.

Before, we move to the pros and cons, first, have a look at some of the important element regarding a counter depth refrigerator:

Term Counter Depth Misleading?

The term counter depth is a widely used by the retailers. It can be misleading due to the actual measurement that differs from the standard counter depth of 25″. In case of a large kitchen, it is common to have bottom cabinets that are much deeper as compared to the standard 24″ depth.

Keeping this in view, the counter-depth can be deeper as compared to the average ranging from 25″ to 30″. This thing makes it very important to take the measurement of spaces when you are going to buy the appliances. Don’t assume that all the counter-depth refrigerators are having the same size. They will have different size with a difference of inches. For proper installation, proper measurement is the key to avoid trouble. If you are looking to get services regarding subzero installation services? You need to contact professional companies in your area. You should hire professional technicians for work to avoid problems.

Cabinet Depth

When we are talking about the compact, under-cabinet refrigerators, coolers, and freezers, they are referred to as cabinet depth. This can be different from the standard and most of them are of 24″ so they are flushed with cabinetry once installed. This is similar to the case of a built-in dishwasher.

Many of the upright freezers are standard depth but freezers design for custom installing as a companion to the refrigerator are counter depth for an integrated style.

Is Counter Depth Refrigerator a Suitable Option?

The idea behind the selection of counter depth refrigerator is to get a streamlined look. It gives out a great look that no one will like to avoid. You can get this design style in all type of refrigerator including French door models, side by side, and bottom or tops freezer. These refrigerators are high and wider as compared to the traditional depth models of the same capacity. This thing might interest and you will consider it when going to install a new refrigerator.

The counter-depth design is very popular and as you are going for a long-term appliance investment, then you should keep the ups and downs in your mind. Remember that the door of the counter-depth fridge will extend slightly from the edge of the counter and same is the condition with handle. This measurement may not be included in the measurement. Furthermore, to extend the life of appliances, the repair is a must. For subzero appliance repair, you need to hire a skilled professional for the job. They will analyze your appliances and will fix the problem using proper techniques and tools to complete work on time.

Let’s have a look at the ups and downs of a counter-depth refrigerator:


1. You will get a streamlined look. Most of the people will choose a counter-depth refrigerator due to the style. With this, you can give your kitchen a uniform profile.

2. You get good access to the thing. You can easily place them or take them out from your refrigerator. This needs a less extended bending and same is the case with the freezer compartment. You will also have good access when you are going to clean it.

3. It provide a better traffic flow. When you are having a standard depth, it will be deeper as compared to your neighboring cabinets and counters protruding in the main traffic area. This will create a bottleneck kind of arrangement in the kitchen area.

4. You are having unique storage possibilities. As the counter-depth model will be wider than the same capacity in standard depth unit that allows storage of wide cold cut trays. But sometimes this may not be possible with a narrow refrigerator. The same goes for the long door bins that are easy to organize and access.

5. If you are looking for a traditional style refrigerator, then accessing the full interior of door access bottom freezer is very easy. A pull-out bottom freezer drawer will have a short depth which is nice in term of required room for opening it.


1. It is wide. For a given capacity 25″ counter-depth refrigerator will be wide as compared to standard depth model. If you are going to replace the existing standard-depth fridge with current depth model, then you need to look at the reduced capacity to get it fit in your existing space.

2. Crispers are short, small with better access. The drawers like crisper and deli compartment are small in size. This makes it difficult to store long items like plastic storage containers, celery, or trays in the compartment.

3. The freezer compartment will hold less. No matter what either the freezer section is a bottom drawer or top mounted, you have less capacity but you will get easy access to frozen foods.

4. The single door swing will need more clearance for a wide design.

This was a brief about the pros and cons of a counter-depth refrigerator.

Hope now you are aware of the things and this will help you to make the right decision. If you are looking to get professional help from subzero appliances, then you need to contact an expert appliance repair company to hire the skilled technicians.


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