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How to Have a Control on the Urge of Having Sex


Good and satisfying sex is definitely a necessity of life. But, does it mean that one will have absolutely no control on oneself to sleep with anybody anytime? There’s absolutely a need to have proper control on the urge of having sex. It indeed is not easy, especially when the individual has not had sex for over a long period of time. The urge of having sex must not be treated as a moral sin. It’s quite natural. But, it’s important to have enough control on it. You may never know when you end up cheating in your committed relationship, if you fail to control it. Let’s see how one can have a control on the urge of having sex.

1. Strong Will Power – Self Restraining is the Key

It’s absolute normal to have the urge of being sexually involved. There should not be any feeling of guilt at all. It’s true that people fail to accept it because of our society, which many a time thinks it to be a moral offense. But, it must be understood that it is a need of the physical body and there’s no shame in acknowledging it. However, it must also be remembered that this may cause a huge complication in relationships in both personal and professional lives as well. Acknowledging the urge and trying to curb it away from your life by focusing on emotional attachments and true feelings can really work wonderfully to demolish the urge. The art of saying no and restricting oneself require huge determination and will power.

2. Identifying the Titillation

During the phase of sexual starvation, the titillation tends to trigger the urge more which is not the case during the sexually active phase. To restrict the urge, it becomes essential to identify these particular triggers so that we can prepare our mind accordingly to defend against them automatically.

3. A Mind Game

It’s all in the mind. Once you know to control your mind, you can have a control on your urge quite well. Make yourself busy in something creative, which you are genuinely interested in. The lack of fulfillment gives rise to urge. When the mind remains occupied with something else, the feeling of scarcity gets faded. Also, you may opt for meditation or regular exercises. It is a superb way to divert your focus from the feeling of having sex to steering your mind away from it.

If none of the above tips help, it’s time to see a therapist or get professional help. At the end, it must be remembered that there’s nothing impossible. It’s all in one’s own self, mind and control.



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