5 Conflicts Leading to Divorce


In everyday life, you must be seeing one or the other celebrity couple filing for divorce. But the issue of divorce is not restrictive only till celebrities, but has become quite frequent among the normal couples as well. Divorce is a frustrating period for both the parties. But unfortunately when the spark and magic of love do not really long last enough to hold them both, it is better for the couple to get separated. However, research made on such couples has concluded that there are some common conflicts leading to divorce. If you wish to give it a try with your partner, then avoid falling in such issues or resolve it with your partner.

1. You Marry for Wrong Reason

Compatibility is the important thing that you must look for while marrying your partner. However, some people marry the other person either for money or such other wrong reason. If there is no love or compassion between the partners and the purpose of marriage was itself a wrong decision, then certainly it will lead to separation.

2. Lack of Trust

Conflicts Leading to Divorce
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There are some partners that have a suspicious mind for the other partner always. This is one extremely bad habit, which if not worked upon can lead to separation. It is highly rated as the common conflict leading to divorce. To gain the trust back, especially when you have not committed anything wrong is next to impossible. There have been incidences, when the wife has been suspicious about her husband coming late from office everyday although, the husband had been working to earn bread and butter for the living. Such issues at certain point leads to fights and then separation.

3. Major Differences after Marriages

One of the common conflicts leading to divorce is some major differences in opinions with your partner. May be you have had an amazing relation before marriage with your partner. However, after marriage things stated changing and you realized that you two have extremely different perceptions of everything. May be you are a saver and he is a spender, may be you prefer a cozy cottage and he prefers a luxury hotel. These things at times become frustrating and you end up thinking that there is no compatibility and bonding left.

4. Having an Affair

Conflicts Leading to Divorce
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It is well said, ‘Love is blind.’ But it should not be that blind that you ignore the love of your partner and move on with the other person. Marriage is a promise to stay together. It is a commitment that both partner gives for each other as their loyalty. However, the sad part is it can break, if either one of them is cheating on other. Extra marital affair, these days, has become a common reason of separation.

5. Violence, Conflicts Leading to Divorce

Conflicts Leading to Divorce
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Violence is one such thing, which leads to divorce. Violence, mentally or physically is very dangerous for any relationship. Any offensive behavior in terms of chat messages or smses are also considered violence. If your partner files for separation for this reason and is proved right, then chances are high that you get separated. Violence is one such highly rated conflicts leading to divorce, for which the rules are extremely strict.

Marriage will last only if you have pure love, faith and bonding with each other. The above mentioned conflicts leading to divorce can be handled if you two take a real good care of each other.


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  1. trust is huge my 19 year old cousin was divorced by before his first anniversary because his wife was not trustworthy and ended up having an affair. she had affairs prior to their marriage but he always believed her and wouldn’t listen to the men telling him they had slept with her. unfortunately, no one was surprised by their divorce

  2. Yes, these are some of the top things that lead to divorce and I feel they could be “avoided” to a large extent if people were true to themselves and not jump or get into marriage with their “better half.” Only complete people can happily marry or come together and stay together for as long as they continue to grow together,

  3. These are all true. Another one that could be said is financial troubles. No matter how much finances aren’t the reason they’re together, unexpected financial troubles can put a strain on relationships.

  4. My parents were divorced when I was a teenager, because my father was an alcoholic and into drugs. He’d leave us for days at a time and my mom finally had it. Divorce is so hard… I’ve seen many of my friends and family go through it.

  5. In some ways I do believe people jump into marriage too fast without really knowing the other person. These are all great points to keep in mind when in a relationship or marriage. To make sure you avoid.

  6. These are definitely conflicts that lead to divorce. I think some of these could be avoided if people took the time to get to know their partner before marrying and not marrying for the wrong reason.

  7. These are certainly valid and valuable tips. I can say from experience that they are true and it would be good for people to realize these BEFORE getting married or even entering a serious relationship.

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