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Conflicts in Long Distance Relationships – 5 Reasons


Conflicts are a part of all relationships, be it friendship or love. But, it is more visible in long distance relationship, though they have certain benefits. For a few months, people try to adjust with each other but then conflicts start surfacing. Some conflicts get solved. But some conflicts create problems between two people. Here, we are not going to find out the solution of conflicts in long distance relationships but the reasons, which lead to conflicts and which ultimately may lead to breakup as well.

1. Different Rules – Conflicts in Long Distance Relationships

Conflicts in long distance relationships arise due to the fact that we have different rules set for each other under different situations. These rules reflect our expectations for what we want and how things should be done. The problems arise when you do not talk to your partner about these rules openly and without judging anyone. If you start judging your partner for the rules made, then, there is a big chance of the couple ending up fighting with each other.

2. One-sided Effort

Conflicts in long distance relationships also arise when you make one-sided effort to keep your relationship alive. It’s like you are the only one doing all the work in the relationship. You are the one who, always calls or texts. You wait on computer to get some response. It might reflect that your partner is not committed as you are.

3. Feel Like You “have to”

Conflicts in long distance relationships also arise due to the fact that sometimes you don’t want to do something but still you are forced to do it. When you talk or connect with your partner and it feels like a chore or a lot of work, it’s where the conflicts arise. If you are acting out of obligation instead of eagerness and excitement, something is definitely going wrong. Never feel like you are doing under obligation if you are talking to your partner. If you come across such feelings, try to rethink about what you are doing and whether it is right or not.

4. Jealousy

Jealousy is the most common reason for the conflicts in long distance relationships. When you start staying apart from your partner, insecurity creeps in that further gives birth to jealousy. You start questioning him about each and everything about what he is doing, where he is going, who is he with, why has he not called for such a long period. You also feel that may be he is double-dating with you by having another love in his life. If the conversation starts revolving around accusations, interrogations, it means something is fishy.

5. Boring Conversations

Boring conversations also lead to conflicts in long distance relationships. It happens when you talk with your partner about your daily routine and he does the same on a daily basis and then the two people do not have anything to talk about. It’s when the partners seem to find each other boring when they have nothing new to share with each other.

It’s always better to try to sort out your relationship, if possible. Here are some unique long distance relationship gift ideas for you. This is because falling in love and having someone in your life is the best feeling you can ever have.


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  1. Very True.
    I totally agree with what is written in this article. Now or then in every long distance relationship conflicts like these happen.
    Well written.:)

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