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How to Make Your Concrete Pool Deck Look Attractive


Having an attractive pool deck is extremely important. The whole ambiance of the place depends on one single place. See it like this that your guests are going to spend most of their time on the deck, as per not all of them know how to swim or even if they do, not all of them are going to be in the mood to have a swim. Some of them are going to come out and dry themselves by the side of the pool. Nevertheless, you cannot ignore the importance of the cleanliness and beauty of the pool deck.

Now, the question arises that how to make it attractive, especially when the deck is made up of concrete. Here are some suggestions that will surely help you out in making things look much better.

Analyze the Concrete Pool Deck

Firstly, you need to analyze the damage and the work deck requires. I haven’t done any maintenance for a long time, then there must be cracks on the surface. These cracks usually occur due to climatic changes. As the days pass and the seasons change, naturally the concrete base starts opening giving the deck an unpleasant look. These cracks can be dangerous seeing the fact that the water might sweep through it and weaken the whole surface. If you leave these cracks unattended they might grow and become large enough that your whole foot can get stuck. Apart from the cracks, there might be watermarks or grease stains on the surface that need to be taken care off.

Patching the Cracks

The entire process usually depends on the size of the cracks. For small or medium sized cracks can easily be taken care off. Just wash off the concrete surface thoroughly and check that it is completely free of any kind of dirt or debris. Mix the liquid bolder and then fill the cracks with it. Press the solution into the cracks and then add some more solution to increase the durability. Level the surface with some tool or a piece of cloth. Let it dry.

For larger cracks, it requires more labor. The crack needs to be completely clean and dirt free before the whole process starts. Wash it off thoroughly and then let it dry. Now pour liquid boulder or concrete material. Make sure that the mixture is extremely thin. Make sure that the mixture reaches every corner area and then let it dry. Level the surface with a damp towel, and now you are good to go.

If you’re not able to perform these tasks by yourself, professionals can help you fix all the problems and make your concrete pool deck looking like new again. Kansas City Concrete Artisans can help you with this task.

Power Washing

Power washing is recommended for both concrete and wooden pool deck. No matter how much you take care of the deck, stains are going to appear after some time as it is open to different environmental conditions and water. Power washing can be done by the professionals or you can perform this task at home. You can get the hardware material from any hardware shop. Clear out the surface that needs to be cleaned. Move any kind of furniture or plants that might get in the way. Put concrete surface cleaner of your choice, and then start cleaning the surface with a water hose. Thoroughly clean the surface which might contain grease or watermarks. It is recommended to start from the corner and then go further.


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