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Know the Common Types of Plastic Surgery if You Want to Readjust Your Appearance


Are you someone who has always wanted to readjust your appearance in order to look like what you’ve always dreamt of? If answered yes, cosmetic surgery is definitely one of the best go-to options for you. It is only through cosmetic surgery that you can tighten your skin and improve your appearance, remove or add hair, adjust the features of your and do many other things with the way you look.

Plastic surgery can also be utilized for medical reasons like repairing scars which you may have had due to accidents or restore a damaged body part. While you can know about the best surgeons from, you will also get to know about the different types of cosmetic surgeries that are common in the industry. Here is a list of few such surgeries.

1. Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion uses an effective tool which sands down the uppermost layer of your skin. As the uppermost layer of the skin is removed, the area will start healing and new skin will also replace the old skin. What you will get is clear and smooth-looking skin. If you don’t know what dermabrasion is for, it is done for removing acne scars, crow’s feet, age spots, sun-damaged skin and lesions on the skin.

2. Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation usually means the processes which changes the shape and increases the shape of the breasts. If the breast’s size is increased, it is called breast implant surgery. However, you need to know that breast augmentation isn’t the same as breast lifts or breast reduction which are altogether different processes.

3. Hair transplantation

Hair transplantation surgery is called hair restoration and it is performed to enhance the appearance of baldness. With regards to hair transplantation, your hair is moved from an area where there is thick growth to a bald area. In only one session, the doctor can move almost thousand hairs and the total number of sessions that you may need, will depend on your extent of baldness. Majority of the hair transplant sessions lead to a successful result.

4. Lip augmentation

If you wish to achieve fuller-looking lips, you should aim for lip augmentation. Injectable dermal fillers are utilized to boost the shape, structure and volume of your lips. However, you need to understand that lip augmentation is not something that is permanent because it lasts for just 6 months. The effect of this surgery lasts for just 6 months before you may need a second procedure to restore the volume and shape.

Therefore, if you’re not satisfied with your appearance and you feel you need to do something about it, you may opt for cosmetic surgery. Get in touch with a reputable and well-known cosmetic surgeon before going under the knife.


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