How to Combine Writing Essays and Blogging


Essays are great pieces of writing. Learning to write a great essay requires learning how to write an attention-grabbing title, use transition words, embed quotations to support your argument, and many other skills.

Combining these skills helps you turn any subject into an interesting essay writing online project. But is it possible to combine essay writing and blogging? The truth is there are so many sites doing that and earning money from it.

So, what are the things you need to do to turn your essay writing into blogging? Here are some ideas.

1. Pick a Topic that You’re Interested In

If you decide to write an essay yourself or seek “write my essay for me” help on a topic that you don’t connect or have no interest in, it will reflect in your essay. It is easier for readers to identify something you’re not interested in by reading your blog. So take the time to research and pick a subject that is important to you. Remember you want to capture the attention of a large audience, so choose what you love and write about it.

2. Create a Picture in your Writing

Essays do not need to be just pure facts, paint a picture in your writing and bring it to life. You don’t have to stick to common facts throughout the essay. Use creative words to help the reader visualize and connect with what you are trying to write about. Create imaginary scenarios to ensure your readers remain entertained as they read your essay.

3. Pay Attention to Small Details

Don’t you just hate it when you purchase essay and when you read it you spot a simple spelling or grammatical error? When writing an essay it is common to miss on the minor errors. Some readers will stop taking your work serious once they come across these types of errors. They may feel that if you don’t take the quality of your work seriously, then there is a chance your subject and quality of work may be lacking. Be sure to proofread your work and use spell-check tool to identify small errors in your work. Once you have done that you can go through your work again just to make sure it flows well.

4. Be Creative Whenever Possible

An online essay writer understands that a standard essay should be five paragraphs long. But whenever this rule doesn’t apply, don’t be afraid to be more creative. Try different writing styles, lengths, and viewpoint besides the normal. Research some of the unique and creative writing styles used by other authors just to make your essay interesting.

5. Don’t be Controversial to Stand Out

If you decide to write on a subject of interest, then be true to your point of view. However, when your writing is on a controversial topic and you decide to take a side that is less popular just because you want to stand out is a mistake. It is not the right approach to take to get more following. No matter how interesting your essay is, insincerity comes as a way of seeking attention. Present your opinion and ideas in a proper way to attract the reader’s attention.

Writing a great essay doesn’t have to be hard. Similarly, using these essays to create a blog can be a way to provide information and even earn money from selling this knowledge. All you need is to pay attention to your writing and involve a third eye to ensure your work is perfect. Finally, you will have a successful essay blog.


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