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5 Super Effective Cleaning Tips from Professional House Cleaners


Cleaning up takes effort, that’s something we can agree on, but with the right items and outlook you can efficiently take control of your home. In this piece, I spoke with the owners from Pristine Home, offering cleaning services in Sydney, to get the inside scope and reveal some of their best cleaning tricks for conducting efficient cleaning in their clients’ homes

1. Put All Cleaning Tools and Supplies in a Specific and Same Area

You can put all the cleaning tools and supplies in a bucket and place it under the sink or in a specifically designated area, such as in a closet, whichever works best for you. It is important to put them all together in a designated location so that it’s easier and more convenient to find and use them when needed.

If you are a parent, it is imperative to use safety latches for all closets or cabinets containing harmful substances. It is also recommended to put them in a high locked cupboard or cabinet which are hard to reach by your kids.

2. Simplify the Cleaning Materials You Use

It would not be cost-efficient to use different cleaning products for different purposes. There are a lot of cleaning materials available on the market that can accomplish both tasks like cleaning the walls and floors.

Hence, look for multi-purpose cleaners for efficiency when purchasing for cleaning products. For example, buy one product that works for cleaning both the glass and floor surfaces, instead of buying two separate solutions.

The same rule applies to cleaning tools. Having a duster long enough in order to reach high places is a must if your house has a ceiling fan or other ornaments. Cleaning service providers always provide their professional cleaner with the right tools to deliver a high-quality service to their clients. If you want to get the same quality of cleanliness, it is imperative to have the same level of preparedness too.


3. Look Out for Commonly-Missed Areas

Many homeowners tend to focus on scrubbing and sweeping off the areas that are often shown to visitors, like the living room and the dining room. Areas like the kitchen and the bedroom are often neglected despite being as equally important as the others.

Kick-start your day by making your bed and organise the pillows in an orderly manner. Make it a habit to wash the dishes after every meal. Do not forget to clean your dishwasher regularly too even without dirty dishes so microbes and germs will not have room to grow.

4. Re-organise and Prioritise

It would be easier to focus on what to clean up if there are no distracting items lying around the house. One of the reasons why cleaning up seems like a tedious task is an overwhelming clutter. The cleaning process would be easier if you declutter first.

Start by preparing containers, box or plastic bags to sort your stuff into. Label the containers accordingly so you can find the items easily when you need them. You can either mark one for recyclable items, another for items that need fixing or repairs, and a container for things you want to donate or throw away for good.

Many may not know this but decluttering is all about re-organising the objects lying around and determining whether to keep them or dispose of them at this point in your life. The process might take some time so it is advisable to do it on a scheduled per-area basis so you don’t have too much pressure on yourself.

5. Set a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning doesn’t have to be difficult, in fact, it’s a bit like losing weight. The person who makes healthy eating part of their daily lifestyle is going to have the easiest time losing weight. Cleaning is much the same, you want to be proactive and with small daily cleaning that will help to maintain your home.

Write a checklist or create a monthly schedule for when you will clean certain areas of your home, take it a step further by assigning family members to certain tasks. Keeping a clean home isn’t just about making it look better but also to make you feel better, which is just as important.


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