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Suffering from Chronic Pain? Here are 7 Things You Can Do Right Now to Help


Chronic pain can make life unbearable. Something as simple as sitting in a chair or trying to get comfortable in bed at night can be excruciating and relentless. The psychological need for a respite from this torture is overbearing. But, then, when you start relying on painkillers to solve your problems, you are only masking the issue. You wonder what is really wrong. Do you have cancer? Is there some sort of serious disease responsible for this pain? Am I allergic to something that is triggering the pain?

The wheels keep spinning in your mind as you search for answers. You scour the internet looking for similar cases but don’t have a lot of luck in pinpointing something. Maybe you have a few of the symptoms generally associated with this disorder but not enough to make a diagnosis. At the end of the day, you wind up scratching your head and just taking more pain pills. Your body becomes toxified. And you still feel that pain when you move a certain way. On top of all this stress, the pills start wearing off faster and faster as you build up a tolerance.

Pain is no joke. People who suffer from chronic pain can become depressed and worried about anxiety. This is especially the case if they are suffering shoulder pain, chest pain, sternum pain, and pain in areas that may be associated with a heart attack. Most of the time, these pains are benign. But, you never know until you have it checked. Then, when you go to have the pain checked, do you really trust the doctor? A lot of medical places just want to make money off you and will find something wrong and take a course treatment even when they are way off base. Let’s consider 7 ways that you can reduce chronic pain, right now, without even going to a doctor.

1. Stretching

If you think that it is too painful to stretch, then you are falling into the cycle that causes pain. You have to expose your body to a full range of motion if you want to get out of that muscular contortion that is crippling your body. Unless you have suffered a recent injury that may be aggravated by certain ranges of motion, stretching should be the chief method of determining whether your pain is muscular or emanating from some other area of the nerve bundle. It is easy for nerves to get aggravated and pinched by muscles when we contort our bodies or sleep in a cold draft and tense up.

2. Exercise

After you stretch, you should go exercise and try to strength train those injured muscles instead of just letting them rest and lie dormant. You don’t have to lift heavy weights. In fact, you may want to try swimming because it is more therapeutic and presents less risks of pulling something. The natural and progressive resistance of the water makes swimming the ideal rehabilitation exercise. If you are able to find a warm water pool, this is even better to relax the muscles.

3. Heat Compresses

If you have identified some muscular pain, now is the time to whip out the heating pad. Even people who receive disability because they are immobilized and handicapped with severe back pain problems can find temporary relief from using a heat compress. Apply the heating pad to the tense muscle areas and let the world roll by.

4. Professional Massage

Massage parlors are open all over the country and happy to untangle the knots that are causing you anguish and psychological stress. Not only is a massage helpful for restoring your optimal posture, but it also provides you with the human connection and intimate touch of another human being. If you are not able to have a partner give you a massage at an even more intimate level, a massage parlor can do the trick in a pinch and help you work for a few days without fatigue or irritation.

5. Tai Chi

Tai chi is the ancient method of relieving chronic pain. This ancient Chinese exercise uses very slow body motions to help your muscles articulate fine motor coordination. You are forced to hold poses and slowly shift and rebalance your weight. Tai chi is an excellent method of improving your pain management with a total mind and body synergy. Tai chi also combines stretching, meditation, and breathing control to provide a total body health experience.

6. Natural Pain Relievers

Natural pain relievers like gels that contain capsaicin are available even in pharmacies. Yes, this is the same stuff that burns your mouth when eating habanero peppers. But, it also blocks the nerves and reduces the pain signal transmissions. Cats Claw and Boswellia are also known for their pain reduction and anti-inflammatory effects. Taking these herbs in a supplement or making a tea can help you reduce pain without popping toxic pills. Even a household spice, Tumeric, can help reduce inflammation and stop the pain. Perhaps the most potent of the homeopathic remedies on this page is CBD. CBD receptors are activated by your body to naturally diminish inflammation and block pain signals in the endocannabinoid system.

7. Yoga

Yoga is another ancient type of mind and body exercise like Tai chi that can help you overcome chronic pain. Yoga involves a lot of meditation, stretching, and muscle toning to help strengthen atrophied muscles and protect them against damage. Yoga classes are everywhere and require little more investment than some tights, a yoga mat, and a little patience. Yoga has a variety of forms to keep it fun and interesting. Some people participate in yoga with partners and will do gymnastic moves in combination forms that require great feats of balancing and stamina. In fact, yoga is also used by poker players for the competitive edge because it is the only thing that helps them manage stress and remain calm enough to hide the excitement of a great hand or the disappointment of a terrible one.


Pain has been a problem since ancient times. Using the natural plants and methods available to mankind from the start is a great way to overcome pain. The ancient human who was crippled by pain would slowly starve. They would not be able to survive as hunter-gatherers. Today, pain persists because people tend to toxify themselves and fall into atrophy instead of limbering up and curing themselves.


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