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Can Certain Vitamins & Height Growth Pills Help You Grow Taller?


If you’re trying to grow taller, of course you want to eat a balanced diet and get proper nutrients. Unfortunately, it’s not always obtainable for us to eat a perfect meal every time, or even every day. For this, that’s when vitamins can come into play. By using supplemental vitamins and minerals, you can in fact grow taller though, and in this article, we’re going to go through some of them. Particularly Vitamin D, B1, C, B2, and Calcium can help you, as well as many others because they all work together in our bodies in order to continue proper cell generation and growth.

What does B1 Do?

B1 is a very important supplement along the Vitamin B chain, because it helps support creation of HGH (human growth hormone), as well as aids our blood and digestive track in order to maintain our nervous system and increase heart health. There are many things that can help you get this, such as white meats with healthy fats, and soybeans. If not though, you can be sure to take a multivitamin that has an excellent amount of B1 to make up for it.

The Big D

Vitamin D is helpful on so many levels, and one of the most common vitamins that someone can have a deficiency of and not know it. It aids in proper melatonin production, and also helps our bodies absorb proper amounts of calcium into our bones so that we don’t end up with stray calcium in our bodies. Not only that, but by helping with bone generation and creation (your bones and teeth can actually become frail from a lack of this vitamin), it helps your body adjust to the increased levels of HGH.

What is Vitamin C For?

C is for Vitamin C. Yes, that’s right. Ascorbic acid is another method of detecting that an item has vitamin C added to it. It’s important for immune health, growth of bones and teeth in combination with calcium and vitamin D, and is also essential to help our bodies with the numerous antioxidants that it provides.

B2 is Awesome

Why? Because Riboflavin (vitamin B2) is important to the creation of tissue. This helps you build nails, hair, bones, skin, and even muscle tissue in conjunction with folic acid (another form of vitamin B). If you’re not eating enough leafy green veggies and fish, you may want to consider ensuring that this vitamin is in your daily supplement intake.

The Truth about Calcium

Milk does a body good right? Yes, it sure does. Including milk and dairy in your diet at least 3 times a day can ensure that you are getting a good dose of calcium, but it’s also usually important to supplement with a multivitamin containing this mineral, because it aids us in proper bone and teeth growth. Calcium is very important in this aspect because it’s what our bones and teeth are all made of (it’s the primary ingredient)

P is for Phosphorous

Most multivitamins include this important vitamin. Why? Because it ensures that all the above are actually digested properly. What’s most important about it though is that in children it can also help prevent bone diseases.


Don’t just think that a healthy diet will give you all of these. While you don’t want to do it, many times you’ll want to take a multivitamin or a dietary supplement that also contains all of these vital ingredients for growth (click here for more). The only thing that having a little more of these vitamins will do is make sure your body produces even more human growth hormone.


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