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Burning Halloween Candy Calories with Sex


Halloween can be just as fun for adults as it is for kids, maybe even more so. You can still eat all the candy you want, except you get the added fun of Sexy Fireman and Sexy Nurse costumes. Since you’ll already be in the mood from all the sexy costumes, what better way to burn off the extra candy calories than being naughty? Or should we say spooky? (If that’s your thing).

Here are some fun facts and tips to keep in mind this Halloween:

1. Men Tend to Burn More Calories during Sex

Based on a study of 21 heterosexual couples from Montreal, men burn on average 101 calories per “sex”ercise. Women, on the other hand, burn on average 69 calories (nice!) per each roll in the hay. Get it? Halloween? Of course, this all depends on how long you last.

 2. Sex Burns 3.6 Calories Per Minute (on average)

The same study found that men burn on average 4.2 calories per minute, while women only burn 3.1 calories per minute. For comparison, walking briskly at 4 miles per hour burns 6.8 calories per minute for somebody weighing 180 pounds, and 4.5 calories per minute for somebody weighing 120 pounds. But why walk when you can have sex instead?

 3. Cowgirl Can Help Women Close the Calorie Gap

Switching up positions can help target certain muscle groups. Cowgirl puts the woman in charge and doubles as a great way to work your abs and legs. Doggy-style is great for the glutes, and can double as a shoulder workout if she mixes it up by grabbing the wall or headboard.

 4. Foreplay Doesn’t Hurt Either

Giving oral can burn almost as many calories as sex, with an average of 3.3 calories per minute! Adding in hands to extend the session will only help more. If you plan on going down, make sure your mouth game is on point with proper oral hygiene.

5.Even Fun-Sized Candies are Chock Full of Calories!

But don’t worry, it’s a great excuse to have even more sex! Based on the average of burning 3.6 calories per minute, the following chart breaks down the length of a sex session necessary to burn off various pieces of fun-sized candy. Unless you have crazy stamina, maybe opt for SweeTarts over Snickers.


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