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Blogging Tips for Everyday Bloggers

blogging tips
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Pen has always proved itself to be mightier than a sword. In this day and age, it still holds true with the only difference of a keyboard taking over a pen. The era of online platforms has helped the vast majority of population realize their creative side and showcase the same. Be it cookery skills, political views or even a business, many have resorted to sharing their talent and thoughts for the world to see and discuss with the mighty power of a blog. But is it really that easy to become a regular and successful blogger? Always keep in mind that anyone can become a blogger. But, what makes one successful is the amount of work they’re willing to put in. Below mentioned are five quick blogging tips to help out the blogger within you sail smoothly on a daily basis while gaining maximum readership.

1. The Secret to Generating Ideas

It is common for blogger’s to go through the usual blogger’s block, where they are unable to generate fresh ideas. Every daily blogger undergoes this crisis and hence, isn’t a reason to worry about. There are various blogging tips you can find online such as- stealing ideas and recycling them with your voice, coming up various posts at the same time and storing them for later publication, and so on. But what is it that really works? The only golden secret is the age old advice, “If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the tools to write”. Hence, the key is to read as much as you can. Be it current affairs, magazines or novels, and every time you come across something that moves you, write it down. This helps you to have a list of ideas to choose from as and when required. The more you read, the more your mind automatically learns to mold itself and look out for intriguing topics.

2. Routine Schedule is the Key

Training your mind to a specific routine works wonders for a blogger. All you need to do is set a specific time each day for blogging and stick to this plan. With this, your mind is trained to prepare itself for the task. It begins to formulate sentences for the requirement to deliver the same. But prior for this to work, make sure you plan your article in advance. Another blogging tip is to set a timer for the completion of your post. Depending on the number of words required, set a timer and make sure you adhere to it. Once your mind is well trained to this routine, watch it work wonders by producing the desired result on dot.

3. Be all Over the Box

Generating a content is easy. But generating a content that intrigues the readers in every post is a task. Hence here, understanding your audience is of utmost importance. Usually, readers are attracted to blogs that offer a solution to their problem, makes a powerful or a controversial statement, teaches them something or narrates a story. As a blogger, you thus need to produce articles that not only voice out your opinion, but tickle a bone in your reader’s mind as well. Thus, keep these blogging tips in mind. Learn to be in the box, out of the box, around the box and dance all over the box. Give out an unique edge to your blog. Yes, it’s not easy. But no, it isn’t impossible!

4. Numbers are the King and Words the Queen

Online content has become a huge hit among the masses as all vital information is received with just a click of a button. However, certain content has managed to generate popularity. While others have failed, as some writers knew the art of blogging while others knew none. Each time you write a blog, remember you aren’t writing a novel, but voicing your opinion. And, no matter how important an issue you’re discussing, none have the time or patience to read numerous pages of content. Many a readers rarely even proceed to page 2. Thus, under blogging tips, remember number 4. The key is to keep your content short and crisp and number them as much as possible. Numbered articles grab the largest amount of online traffic as it reveals the important points by a mere scan.

5. Guest Post – The Unique Blogging Tips

Every blogger requires a growing blog readership. The best way to do this is by becoming a good guest blogger. This helps you build a relationship with other bloggers. It also raises the value of your blog in search engines. Not just this, you can also allow guest posts on your site as well. This increases the online traffic on your blog. Never underestimate the power of networking. The first great step for a blogger is to get his content published on other platforms. Guest post is one such stepping stone, which adds to your popularity with due patience.

Blogging has turned out to be a medium for you to become a great writer and a published author. It has also become a platform for you to expand your business by building a network. All you need is a sound knowledge in your field. You also need an online trust alongside putting to practice these blogging tips. Once you’ve leaned the art of blogging, it advances your life in the direction of your choice. It takes it forward from being just a pointless public diary!


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