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Best Vacation Getaways to Take with Friends


Group travel is objectively awesome. It’s even better if the group consists of friends you love being around. Friendship is all about shared experiences, and travel gives you a lot of experiences to talk about long after the trip is over. A getaway with friends gives you an opportunity to come back home with unbelievably amazing stories, beautiful pictures, stronger friendships and greater knowledge of one another. There is no better way to strengthen friendships than to spend some quality uninterrupted time together. If you’ve been going on traditional getaways with your friends, it’s time for a change. You need to get creative. Here are some ideas to consider.

1. Take a Multi-Day Trip through Ireland, Scotland and London

The United Kingdom is prime real estate for fun-loving travelers. Smart travelers keep off the usual trails and take the unbeaten path to experience some of the world’s greenest and most captivating scenery. The United Kingdom has a rich history that spans thousands of years. Ireland and Scotland are home to majestic castles and historic settings that attract film crews from all over the world. You probably already know that Game of Thrones films some of its scenes in Ireland.

You want to start off your trip in Ireland then work your way down to London. Spend some time in McGregor’s Backyard enjoying the shops, cafes and lighthouses of Dublin. You can also go to Kilkenny to tour castles and browse art galleries.

After touring Ireland, take a flight to Scotland. In Scotland, you can enjoy a drive to Glencoe to appreciate the settings where Harry Potter was filmed, set up a base in the countryside to have fun like the locals, hike the Lost Valley, visit the Eilean Castle and take amazing pictures along the Shores of Loch Ness.

2. St. Lucia: the Caribbean Getaway

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It’s probably safe to assume that the Caribbean is already on your travel bucket list. Here’s a chance to cross it off and have more fun doing it than you would if you were doing it alone. Friends make everything more exciting and you can be sure that they will make your trip to St. Lucia even better.

St. Lucia boasts of some of the world’s best beach resorts. Since you and your friends are here to do nothing but to have fun, take out the hassle of travel planning by booking with an amazing all inclusive resort.

Just keep in mind that all-inclusive resorts are usually either geared to families or adults-only. Make sure you pick a resort that’s right for adults and singles.

You will love St. Lucia whether you are traveling to rejuvenate or for adventure. If you love spending time at the beach, you are in for a treat. There are great beaches including Reduit Beach, which is absolutely free.

You can then take your friends to Pigeon Island National Park, go snorkeling at Anse Chastenet, visit The Pitons for a half-day hike, experience nature at the Diamond Botanical Gardens and Waterfall or at the Sulfur Springs Park or shop like a local at the Castries Market.

3. Experience the Ultimate Nightlife in Berlin

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Berlin’s nightlife is probably the most exciting in the world. With its techno clubs with world-renowned DJs, Berlin promises to keep you on your feet all night. If you are traveling with friends, expect to have the time of your lives.

There are so many nightclubs and live music venues that you won’t even scratch a tiny bit of Berlin’s nightlife potential in a week. Prepare for a party that lasts the whole night as the nightlife usually peaks at around 3 a.m. You won’t want to leave before 6 a.m.

There are several world-class clubs and they open on different days. Watergate Club, for instance, opens on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. You will find clubs for almost any kind of music you like be it energetic music like techno or something chilled out like jazz. Quasimodo Club and A-trane Club are well known for their amazing jazz bands. Other great clubs you might want to check out include Puro Sky Club, Magnet Club, KingKongKlub, Duncker Club and Ma Baker Club.

4. Get Some Fresh Air in Bali

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If you want to get away from the concrete jungle that is your city, Bali should be on top of your list. Few destinations in the world are as still as authentically green as Bali. There are several accommodation options for people traveling in groups with elaborate villas that give you a chance to enjoy a relaxed stay with your friends while surrounded by thick greenery. For ultimate fun, choose the villas that are located in the more traditional villages. You will get to live as the Balinese live in a traditional Balinese home compound. There is no better way to appreciate a culture than to experience it from the point of view of a native.

There are several activities you can engage in as a group in Bali including visiting the rice paddies, walking through the monkey forest, visiting temples, hiking a volcano or learning about Balinese Hinduism.

If you don’t want to stray far from the small towns and villages, you can visit art galleries, cafes and the lively local markets. If you go to Ubud, you will find a thriving expat community that will definitely welcome you with open arms.

5. Plan the Trip of a Lifetime

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The world’s most breathtaking destinations are just a flight away. You can go alone or you can take your friends with you and create memories that last a lifetime.

It’s a pretty easy choice if you ask me. Hit up your friends right now to start planning your next adventure. Life is to be lived and friendships are meant to be exhilarating adventures.


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