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Best Tips to Choose Your Athletic Shoes – How to Know Which One is the Best?


You can’t deny the fact that running and walking are two of the purest forms of exercise that you can do. With the advancements in the field of technology like Freon-filled midsoles and tongues which have the pump-it-up, you have to know about the best shoes that you can buy in order to get utmost comfort. When you make the mistake of choosing the wrong athletic shoes, you can end up lying down on the couch with hurt splints and aching heels rather than enjoying a brisk walk or a run.

Although most of the specialty sneakers or sport-shoe stores have staff members who are knowledgeable enough to let you know about the steps ahead of the game. They will inform you about your feet and its specific needs. Take a look at some expert advice to take care of while purchasing new footwear.

1. Don’t Force your Shoes to Do Multi-Tasking

You should note that walking shoes are stiffer while the running shoes are more flexible as they need to offer you with the extra cushioning to get a better impact. In case you engage in both walking and running, you should get a pair of shoes for running and another appropriate pair for walking.

2. Know and Understand your Foot

All of us have got 10 toes and 2 heels but beyond, feet usually come in different shapes and when you know the specific quirks, this is the ultimate key to choosing the best pair of shoes. Majority of the bigger brands offer a model which can suit the type of your foot. One way in which you can decide on the shape of the foot is by taking a wet test. Trace your footprint to know what type of foot you have.

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3. Keep Measuring your Foot often

Though you must be believing all this while that your foot doesn’t change in size when you become an adult, but this is not so. As we grow older, our foot size changes and hence it is better to measure your feet at least twice a year. The size of a shoe also varies between brands and hence you should go by what fits you and not according to the size of the brand you prefer.

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4. Understand the Tech Additions

There are some shoes which look as if they’re best suited for space missions but you have to understand that most of these groovy features serve a purpose. If there are clear inserts which are filled with gel or Freon or air, this will offer you better shock absorption. For all those who tend to have a heel pain, such features are good for them.

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Therefore, if you’re wondering about how you could buy the best athletic shoes, make sure you take into account the above mentioned factors. Unless you understand what your feet need, you can never end up buying a shoe which can fit in with your needs.


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