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What’s Best for Your Health: Should You Be Sitting or Standing While Working?


There are many reasons why people would choose to stand while at work while others may choose to sit. There are pros and cons of both. No matter what you do, sitting for long periods of time and being inactive will cause you many different medical issues. What’s best for your health; should you be sitting or standing while working? There are many different computer keyboard stands that will allow you to work while standing so you can still be effective in your workday.

The Pros Of Using A Standing Desk While Working

  • The risk of weight gain and obesity are lowered
  • Blood sugar levels may be lowered
  • Back pain is reduced
  • Mood and energy levels may improve
  • Productivity may improve

The Risk Of Weight Gain And Obesity Are Lowered

Standing while you’re working will allow your body to burn calories that you wouldn’t normally burn if you were sitting. Even though you’re standing while working, your metabolism is still running and burning calories.

Blood Sugar Levels May Be Lowered

Workers that use a standing desk after eating breakfast or lunch aren’t getting a huge spike in their blood sugar levels when they stand as opposed to if they were sitting. Sitting after lunch can increase one’s blood sugar levels depending on what they’ve eaten and if their food has turned to glucose.

Back Pain Is Reduced

Back pain is a major complaint amongst people who sit all day. Standing for a long period of time and using a standing desk for workers will alleviate their lower back pain during the day. Back pain can occur when sitting for long periods of time due to the pressure that’s being put on your lower back.

Mood And Energy Levels May Improve

Workers who use the standing desk feel less stress and fatigue throughout the day. They also feel an increase in their energy. People who use standing desk are constantly moving around and their energy levels stay high.

Productivity May Improve

While your mood and energy improve by using a standing desk, your productivity may increase as well instead of hindering it.

Unfortunately, there also may be cons to having a job that requires standing all day. There’s an even greater risk that one may develop heart disease due to blood pooling in the legs which is also referred to chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) and the stress of trying to pump the blood back to the heart.

There are also side effects of sitting all day. These side effects can affect your health greatly, so you really have to decide what’s best for you in the long run. If sitting affects your health more so than standing all day, then find a way to incorporate a standing desk so that you can do what’s best for your health.

The Side Effects Of Sitting All Day

  • Weight gain
  • Poor Blood circulation
  • Heart disease
  • Weakened muscles
  • Posture problems
  • Chronic body pain
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Cancer

Weight Gain

Being inactive all day can cause weight gain. Sitting all day won’t give your body the chance to burn fat and calories. Even if you need to sit, take regular breaks and take small walks throughout your workday. Taking a walk around your building during lunch or even a quick stroll every hour or so will keep those calories burning.

Poor Blood Circulation

Sitting all day can also lead to poor blood circulation. This can lead to varicose veins and swollen ankles. When your blood doesn’t circulate properly, you’ll start having issues with your legs. Try to keep your blood circulating when you can. There are desk exercises that you can do when you’re sitting so you can keep your legs moving when you feel restless.

Heart Disease

When we don’t burn enough fat and we have poor circulation, there’s a risk that the fatty acids your body produces will cause blockage in the arteries of your heart. Your cholesterol levels can elevate and your blood pressure can elevate as well.

Weakened Muscles

Your muscles can loosen and weaken if you’re inactive all day, especially those in the lower body and midsection. If those muscles aren’t strong our body won’t be able to hold us up or keep us stable. It’s best to strengthen our muscles if we have to sit all day.

Posture Problems

Slouching and sitting can cause us many problems while being inactive. Your shoulders, back, hip and neck are affected by this. If you’re not up to moving around and stretching these areas on your body, you’ll most likely be in pain and your body will start to stiffen up. Thus making it harder for you to be comfortable and have proper posture.

Chronic Body Pain

The longer you sit, the better chance you have at experiencing chronic pain in many areas of your body. Back pain is high on the list when it comes to chronic pain

Anxiety And Depression

When you sit all day, you don’t get the chance to experience the benefits of exercise and being fit. Exercising can boost your mood because you’re releasing endorphins when you’re moving your body. Go out in the sun and catch some Vitamin D


Sitting for long periods of time can also increase your cancer risk.

There are many things we can do to improve our lifestyle. Again, we have to choose what’s best for us at the end of the day. There are some workers who aren’t able to stand all day for whatever reason, but they also wouldn’t mind getting a little bit more activity into their daily routine. There are many things one can do while at work to fit more movement into their day. Wearing a FitBit can help them keep track of their steps during the day thus motivating them to move even more. Those that are able to stand all day may want to take a break to just sit for a moment just to relax their legs so they don’t tire themselves out.


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