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Best Foods for Strong Teeth and Bones


A good set of teeth and bone structure reflects health. Your body will show it if your health is optimum. The intake of calcium is definitely not enough when the goal is to achieve total dental and overall health to your bone. You will also need several other nutrients and vitamins to keep your teeth and bones healthy. This is where our dietary choices help as what we eat will have a big impact on the health of out bone and teeth. There are foods, which are considered good for your dental health and bone, which you should eat more often.

Here are some of the best foods for healthy teeth and gums - 

1. Apples

Apples are a wonder food when it comes to your health. Their impact on dental health is profound with benefits in more ways than one. This fruit works as a natural toothbrush apple is a natural toothbrush to scrub away food residue, plaque and bacteria from between your teeth and mouth. Apart from cleaning the teeth surface, apples do stimulate gums, boost saliva flow in the mouth and minimize cavity build up. Plus, the various vitamins and minerals found in them are great for bones.

2. Cheese

If you want healthy and strong teeth, include cheese in regular diet. The casein present in it can help strengthen the tooth surface and prevent risk of cavity. Dentists advise chewing small pieces of cheese to cut back the risk of cavity and maintain dental health. Plus, this dairy product can also help scrub away food residue and bacteria from your mouth to keep teeth disease-free.

3. Onions

Don’t worry about bad odor that onions may cause as they are great for your dental health. Eating them raw can help naturally clean your mouth by eliminating harmful bacteria. You can thus be sure of little risk of tooth decay. Even if onions make the breath stink somewhat, this does not take away their benefits to the body and teeth. So, include them in your diet and become healthy.

4. Whole grains

Foods rich in fiber are great for dental health and this is why whole grains are so special. They are also high in complex carbohydrates and various vitamins required for bones. A diet of oats, wheat or brown rice not only helps protect muscle tissue but also keep the bone strong and healthy. Whole grains should be part of your regular diet if you want healthy teeth and bones.

5. Milk

Healthy teeth is not possible without eating items high in calcium. This is where most dairy products help, and milk often tops the list of benefits. You can drink low-fat milk regularly and benefit from your bone. Milk is also a source of fortified nutrients like vitamin D, which are required for bone health. You can this include milk in your regular diet and keep your bones as healthy.

6. Pulses

Pulses are easily among the best sources of calcium to the body. From gram dal to soyabean to lentils, you can rely on any type if pulses and enrich your diet with calcium. You know how much calcium helps when it comes to the health of your bones.

7. Water

Water is great for your teeth. It helps scrub away harmful bacteria from your mouth and ensure healthy teeth. It keeps you hydrated so bad breath problem never strikes you. The minerals in water are very helpful for your teeth. You can consult an invisalign queens dentist as and when it suits you to know more in regard to foods for your oral health.

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