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10 Best Exercises to Do Every Day


There is an endless number of exercise at home or at the gym that you could do. And maybe all this variety can make your head spin and wonder which one is the best?

Any type of exercise you do is useful to improve your overall health and mode. And for good advice this is the information of more than 3.000 ACE (American Council on Exercise) certified trainers for the best exercises and solutions. mobile personal trainer in Melbourne also contributed to this.

Let’s Start with a Simple One: Walking Stairs

If you are asking yourself if this can be a fitness exercise, the answer is yes. A lot of trainers recommend that you take the stairs and not the elevator.  This exercise won’t take you precious time from your busy schedule, and the best part is that you can do it everywhere, at home, at work, in a Mall, or even you are traveling.

What can this exercise do for your body? First of all, it improves stamina, and it helps with build bone, so it will help you prevent osteoporosis. Second of all, it gets your heart rate up, enhances posture and strengthens your lower body. Only 5 minutes of walking the stairs can burn 45 calories. You can make it a healthy habit.

Moving on with the easy, simple and not pressuring exercise, we have something that almost everyone likes.


It is a fun thing to do and has a lot of benefits. You can do it everywhere and while doing other activities like preparing dinner or washing the dishes. When you are cleaning or have some time at home, play boosting music and move that hips.

Of course, don’t forget you can always take dancing classes if you want to go big. You can have fun, learn some steps, make new friends and lose weight.

What Can You Do When You Are Not in the Mode for Exercise?

Simple, do stretching! Trainers recommended because it will increase blood flow in your body, it will give you a little boost, and the best part is that you will rest better.

Also, stretching plays an essential role in the routine of a walker. Being flexible improves walking posture and helps you prevent back pain or injuries. For walkers, trainers recommend the Hamstring Stretchers.

Do You Have Problems With Your posture?

Try to pinch your shoulder blades. Doing this exercise will help you maintain the spine in its neutral position; it opens up the chest and prevents the rounded shoulders syndrome. It’s an easy thing to do, and you will activate the muscles groups responsible for holding you in alignment.

What about a total body workout exercise? Swimming

Who doesn’t like water? And if you want to target all your muscles, swimming is the answer.

First of all, it has a low impact on your body. The chances of injuries are low.

Second of all, you will work your upper and lower body, abs and the back will get in on too.  You will maintain proper alignment, and because the water adds resistance, your muscle will be challenged.

Note that swimming isn’t enough for keeping it your only form of exercise. You can support it with jogging, weight lifting, tennis or walking.

We are Moving on to the Harder Part: Ab Workout on an Exercise Ball and Lunges and Squats

Balancing on the ball is a hard exercise, you can’t cheat on, and it’s an intense workout.  Using the ball on this exercise will stabilize your back muscles not only your abdominal ones.

How to do these crunches? You position the ball in the perfect way that will support your back, your feet will be flat on the floor, and the arms are extended in front of you. Then you slowly curl up, hold on, the lower yourself.

Lunges and Squats are the best exercises for butt, posture, and coordination. You can do them anywhere, and it helps you stimulate everyday functions.

How to Do Lunges:

Put your right foot in front of you; keep your right knee over the ankle. Bend that knee and at the same time drop your left knee to the floor. Don’t lean forward and you will see that your left heel will come off the floor.  You can do ten reps, and after that change your feet. Attention, if you have problems with your knees, maybe you should skip this exercise.

How to Do Squats:

For a correct posture you can use a chair to help you, standing with your back to it. Your feet are about shoulder width apart, you bend the hips and knees and lower your butt until it’s touching the chair. If you look down and see your toes, your position is correct, if you see your knees only, that means that you are bending too far forward. Always stand up slowly.

We can’t forget the arms and calves, so we are checking those too.

Pushups for Arm Exercise:

The best and sure exercise for toning and firming. The pushups target the chest muscles and the triceps, and it will give you a boost of confidence.

How to Do Pushups?

If you can’t do them on the floor, you can do them against a wall or table. If you lie face down on the floor, your look is forward, your palms into the floor, straight.  You will form a line with your head, neck, and back as you lift your body. You are getting up slowly, stay there a little, the slowly get down. Repeat. For an easy way, you can stand on your knees and not on your toes.

Heel Raised are the Best Calf Exercises:

We have incredible results for this method. Seventy-five percent of trainers voted for it.

How to do Calf Exercise?

It’s effortless, stand in front of a wall or hold onto a chair, your legs about hip-apart and stand up onto your toes. Then slowly lower yourself. If you want to make it more difficult, try to do it on one leg, or take some weight in your hands.

Those methods or exercise alongside a healthy diet will give you the best shot at losing weight, staying fit and developing a stronger core.


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