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Reviews of the Best Brands in the World to Buy Today


Businesses all over the world have gone beyond just the production of goods and offering services. They now exist in a phase where branding is almost everything. When people buy a product, they are not necessarily buying the product because of its quality. What they usually pay for is the brand according to TrueTop5Reviews. A lot of firms in the world today are aware of this fact and have been able to brand themselves in ways that make them stand out from their competition.

Contained in this article are some of the best brands in the world today. The brands on this list generate multiple million dollars annually and are worth millions of dollars.

1. Apple

With annual revenue of $229.23 billion, an average company salary of $121,000, and brand value of $214.48 billion, Apple Inc. is unarguably one of the best brands on the face of the earth. This tech company has been around for a fairly long time. Although not the only firm in the tech industry, it has continued to stay very relevant and make crazy profits annually without even giving thoughts to making use of the Android OS in its mobile devices.

Although Apple phones cost almost a thousand dollars. It, however, still makes enough sales to remains valuable and relevant.

2. Google

Google has a brand value of $155.50 billion and annual revenue of $110.86 billion. It might not be the most valuable company in the world. But, it has had more impact on the average man’s world than other giant firms both in the United States and in other parts of the world. While a lot of people are aware that Google is a successful firm, not many people are aware of the level of monopoly that it commands. At the moment, Google owns Android, the most widely used smartphone software. It also owns YouTube, the world’s biggest video streaming and download platform. YouTube and Android are just some of the brands owned by Google which dominate their industries. There are other products from Google which make it a firm that the average person cannot do without for just a single day.

3. Amazon

Amazon is a brand that is dedicated to the online sale of various types of product and carved a niche for itself in this industry. It has a brand value of $100.76 billion and yearly revenue of $177.87 billion. Amazon is not just a big brand. It is also a rapidly growing brand and has a reputation for helping the average person gain access to whatever products they are interested in more ways than they can imagine.

4. Microsoft

Founded in 1975, Microsoft is one of the leading firms in the technology industry. Just like other firms that are higher than it on the list of the best brands in the world, Microsoft is an American firm and is owned by a billionaire philanthropist, Bill Gates. At the thought of software, the first firm that comes to mind is Microsoft. This firm has an annual revenue of $89.95 billion and is valued at $92.72 billion.

5. Coca-Cola

In the minds of a lot of people, firms that are not into technology never get as big as tech firms. While there is an atom of truth in this, Coca-Cola can be said to be a break from the norm. Coca-Cola might not be a tech firm, it, however, is one of the best firms in the world.

With a brand value of $66.34 and annual revenue of $35.41 billion, Coca-Cola is the most valuable food company in the world and one of the best brands in today’s world.

6. Samsung

Mobile phone giants Samsung is one of the biggest tech brands to come out of a country other than the United States. This South Korean firm has a reputation for the quality of mobile devices that it produces. As a firm in the tech industry. Samsung has consistently given Apple a run for its money as far as the production of mobile phones is concerned. It has a brand value of $59.89 billion and annual revenue of $211.40 billion.

7. Toyota

Toyota is not known for producing luxury cars. It, however, is one of the best brands in the world. This car brand arguably makes more sales than some other car brands put together. Just like Samsung, it is one of the best firms in the world that is not owned by an American or linked to the United States.

This auto-giant has an annual revenue of $258.24 billion and is valued at $53.40 billion. It is popular for the efficiency of the Camry and sells an average of 10 million vehicles yearly.

8. Mercedes-Benz

This brand is the best brand in Germany and the whole of Europe. Also, it is popular for the luxury vehicles it produces. As a brand that has been around for almost a decade and has stayed relevant for almost throughout this period, Mercedes-Benz is no doubt one of the best brands in the world.

The Mercedes-Benz brand is valued at $48.60 billion and has an annual revenue of $188.89 billion.

9. Facebook

The Facebook brand is a brand that has made a lot out of something that seemed unimportant. This brand is the youngest on this list and is owned by one of the world’s most famous billionaires. With more than 2.2 billion users, Facebook can be said to be a nation of its own. While this firm is worth $45.65 billion and has an annual revenue of $40.65 billion, it has grown bigger by acquiring other firms which should be in competition with it. Some of these brands are Whatsapp and Instagram.

10. McDonald’s

McDonald’s is a world-famous fast-food chain. It currently has a brand value of $43.42billion and generates annual revenue of $22.82 billion. Although McDonald’s began with just foods described as junk, it has grown to become a food company that also sells healthy foods such as salads.

11. Intel

This is the first name that comes to mind so long the production of semiconductors and processors is concerned. It generates annual revenue of $62.76 billion and is valued at $43.29 billion. Although not very popular among people that do not know much about tech firms, this firm is one of the best and most successful firms in the world.


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