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Polish Your Look While Wearing A Bespoke Suit With These Tips


Every businessman wants to bespoke suit with complete perfection. It is one thing to wear a bespoke suit and another to ear it perfectly. Rocking a bespoke suit is all about getting the finer details right. Paying attention to these details will make you look refined, smart, and confident in your suit. Not everyone can wear a suit and look sharp. Luckily, here are some tips to make you look more put together while wearing your bespoke suit.

Backbit up with Quality Accessories

A bespoke suit in Dubai is a significant investment. However, it doesn’t guarantee the perfect look. You need to invest in a quality belt, shirt, and shoes to give you that professional look while wearing your suit. It is no wonder that skimping on these things will make your bespoke suit look cheaper. Ensure to invest in quality accessories to complete the look of your suit.

Wear a Sleek Undershirt

In the fast-paced business environment, stress will obviously come. High-stress situations produce sweat that might soak through your shirt to your suit jacket. This will make the worst moment to worsen. The best way to save yourself from such an embarrassing scenario is to wear a quality undershirt beneath the dress shirt. By blocking sweat from your shirt, the undershirt limits underarm marks while making your dress shirt look fresher longer. Invest in a sweat-proof undershirt to limit the chances of anyone noticing your sweaty moments.

Tie should be Darker than the Shirt

You need a matching tie to get a professional look while wearing a bespoke suit from the best suit tailors in Dubai. The general rule of thumb is to choose a tie darker than your dress shirt. Additionally, stay away from matching the pattern of your tie with the dress shirt. When wearing a checkered shirt, a paisley tie is ideal to offset the casual checkered pattern of the shirt.

Perfect Your Tie Dimple

This is a tiny fabric fold beneath the knot. A tie with dimple gives a classic suave appeal. Without a dimple, your tie will look flat and ordinary. Although it is not overbearing or dramatic, a tie dimple offers a subtle refinement twist to your necktie. You have to perfect the art of the tie dimple through patience and practice. Getting a tie dimple requires using a thick wide silk or cashmere tie but not cotton.

Unbutton the Jacket before Sitting

During your regular business tasks, you are likely to sit down and stand up multiple times a day. However, sitting in your bespoke suit might ruin it faster. The solution is to always unbutton the jacket before sitting down. This will avoid stretching your suit jacket with potential to pop your jacket buttons attracting unwanted attention during a board meeting. Leaving the jacket unbuttoned when sitting will avoid such embarrassing moments.

Choose Long Dress Socks

To enhance the fresh look of your bespoke suit requires backing it up with appropriate socks. Flashing some leg or white athletic socks while sitting down in a meeting is appalling. This is the quickest way to lower the appeal of your suit. Keep in mind that this can happen when you least expect. To save your dignity and appeal of your bespoke suit, the trick is to invest in quality dress socks.

Match the Shoes and Belt

For a more cohesive look while wearing a bespoke suit, consider matching the shoes and belt. Looking professional requires wearing shoes and belt with a similar color. Luckily, some belts can match with more than one shoe color. This can work as a nice contrast to accent your look. Being creative with your shoe and belt combinations with contrasting colors is okay but matching colors are better.

Expose Sleeve Cuffs

To get a dapper appearance while wearing a bespoke suit requires paying attention to the finer details. The most visible details while wearing a suit are cuffs, shirt collar, and tie. Wearing these communicating style and taste gives a positive first impression. The rule of thumb is to wear your shirt cuffs half an inch past the suit jacket sleeve.

Mind Tie and Jacket Length

Always ensure that your tie length reaches the middle of the belt buckle regardless of whether you are wearing a traditional tie, skinny-tie, knitted tie, or slim tie. The same rule applies. When not wearing a belt, your tie should still sit around the middle of the waistband. However, when wearing a flat-bottomed tie, its length should leave the flat bottom at the belt buckle or waistband top. This is because flat-bottomed ties never taper like a regular tie. So, wearing this tie in the middle of the belt buckle makes it appear too long.


The most significant benefit of investing in a bespoke suit is to enhance your professional appearance. Use the above tips while wearing your suit to make you look more refined.


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