What are the Benefits of Using WordPress?


The platform started in 2003 as a site for blogging to become one of the most preferred website development platforms. It is estimated that over 25 percent of all new websites are based on WordPress. Several Fortune 500 companies have adopted the platform to promote their brands.

So why is this website development platform been preferred by many companies?


Gone are the days when you would need an expensive web designer to get your website off the ground. Web design under WordPress is cost effective and the maintenance costs low. In fact, you can design the websites yourself. Having a website is not all that you need to succeed you also need to protect the data that is sent through your site;  If you are in Australia list of best vpns for Australia will help you mitigate any cyber-attacks within your private network.

SEO indexing

Search engine optimization is a cool way through which websites get noticed by search engines. You need to optimize your page to rank better. WordPress has codes that you can use for Google indexing. Search engines love WordPress dues to these indexing, and you should see increased web traffic to your site.

Ease of use

You can update your WordPress website from anywhere in the world. Editing your pages is easy because you do not need to learn how to code HTML. WordPress also offers various themes which you can purchase and make your page stand out. It is also easy to upload photos and videos, edit images and texts.

Better control of your website

Editing your page is as easy as log in to Word Press and making the necessary changes. You do not need to call your web designer for this. You can also access your website from any computer, and you do not need to have webdesign software installed.

Great for blogging

WordPress was created primarily for bloggers. This is because of the rich features that it offers bloggers like email subscriptions, adding recent blog posts automatically to your blog home page to the ease of use. Most of the blogs available online have been created through Word Press. The platform flexibility makes it suitable for both large and small businesses.

Adaptability and scalability

One significant advantage of using Word Press is that you can easily increase your web pages with ease. This makes it suitable for businesses of all sizes. Word Press has been used to manage start ups and complex multinationals who have loads of varying content. It also can support e-commerce sites and host social media networks. The plugins have more features that most users find to be useful.

Multiple theme options

It can be hard changing the appearance of your website if you are not a web designer. WordPress helps you overcome with a host of different attractive themes. Their theme directory keeps increasing, and this means there is always something for everyone. You can purchase some of these themes from third-party designers across the world. You can view and use these themes at any time and implement them on your website.

Great for Beginners

What makes WordPress popular by many people is that it does not require you to learn how to code. You can have your site running in minutes. They even have WordPress free domains as the site does the hosting for you. The admin dashboard helps you easily access the site’s features and control what goes on the site. You will have customized themes having headings, layouts, and titles. You can start posting blog posts as soon as possible.


Some users need more features, and this is where plugins take an important role. WordPress has numerous plugins that handle features like shopping carts, contact forms, video galleries. There are also thousands of plugins that are available online from third parties, and these give you more capabilities. Plugins help take your WordPress site to the next level.

Compatibility with mobile

Many people are now looking at content from their mobile phone as opposed to their desktop computers. Search engines have realized this and now rank websites that are designed with mobile compatibility higher than those that don’t. With WordPress, you do not have to worry about ranking because it is designed to look good on mobile devices. The layout is simple and can the texts can easily be read from mobile. Page layout is excellent,and you should find it easy to navigate through various pages.

WordPress Community

One great benefit of using WordPress is that it benefits from a community of coders from across the world. This is made possible because it is open source and free. Programmers will make changes to WordPress, and the rest of the users benefit from these changes at no cost. WordPress has become so popular that almost a third of all websites online are designed from the platform.

Multiple users

When you become an administrator on WordPress, you can give rights to multiple users. This feature helps you have input from different people on your site. You can regulate access and capabilities.


WordPress is one of the most used web design platforms in the world. Currently, it accounts for more than a third of new websites been registered across the globe. You do not need to be a web designer to use the platform because it does not use HTML. The platform has become popular among bloggers, small businesses and even large multinationals. Through plugins that are sold online by third parties, you can increase the capacity of your WordPress website. WordPress enables you to scale up without spending much. You can also update your website from any computer in the world as long as you can remember your password. Search engines love WordPress due to indexing which is simple and easy to read. To enhance your SEO capabilities, you can use tags. Search engines also love WordPress because it is easy to read on mobile phones. If you have not used the platform, then it is time you built a presence online through it.  The platform is free, and once you have selected layout, you should start posting within minutes. WordPress also hosts your blog for you.


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