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Benefits of Using Nigella Seeds in Your Everyday Living


Many different names know the Nigella Sativa or nigella seeds. Called as black caraway, Roman coriander, black seed, kalonji, or fennel flower, it belongs to the ranunculus family. This small, triangular, and exotic spice offers great taste and a large number of health benefits.

Nigella Sativa Plant

Nigella Sativa is an annual plant that is grown for its pungent seeds. These Nigella seeds can be used both as herbal medicine and spice. This plant is commonly found in South-western Asia and parts of Africa and the Mediterranean regions. It has had a long history with diverse medical traditions and culinary uses.

Best Nigella Seeds

Best nigella seeds have a pungent flavour similar to nutmeg and an aroma like that of fennel. These seeds deliver the best flavours when they are used as whole. They can be used with curries, bread, rice, and sweet confections. Nigella seeds play a crucial role as a traditional medicine in many cultures.

The plant is used in the treatment of a wide variety of ailments. Sometimes, this plant is grown for ornamental purposes. It has attractive flowers and a close resemblance to Nigella damascena, a common ornamental. These plants are hardy annuals that may grow from 20 to 60cm in height. A capsule contains the pyramidal or triangular seeds of Nigella sativa.

What Makes Nigella Seeds So Good?

Nigella seeds contain high doses of thymoquinone. This element has been known for its potent anticancer, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. Thymol and thymohydroquinone are the other active ingredients present in nigella seeds. These are known to possess anti-tumour and antimicrobial properties.

Owing to these compounds, nigella seeds have been traditionally used in the Middle Eastern culture for over 2000 years. In fact, these seeds exhibit diverse properties – they can be used as diuretic, aromatic, purgative, stimulant, expectorant, sedative, and carminative.

How to Use Nigella Seeds?

Traditionally, nigella seeds have been used with naan bread and on korma in India. They have also been used on string cheese and preserved lemons. Nigella seeds pair very well with spinach omelette, red onion salad, yogurt pound cakes, barley risotto, and grilled calamari.

When it comes to spice pairings, nigella seeds are best paired with caraway, mustard seeds, thyme, and paprika. Here are some ways to incorporate these seeds in your daily diet.

  • Nigella seeds can be added on appetizers as well. Coat olive oil on little cubes of tuna. Sprinkle some nigella seeds on them for improving the taste.
  • Mix whole nigella seeds with yogurt, lemon juice, and feta cheese. You can use this mixture as a condiment for your dishes.
  • Just sprinkle nigella seeds on your evening meal or morning breakfast.

Nigella Seeds for Natural Treatment

  • For Ear Ache: Mix real olive oil with one tablespoon of heated and crushed nigella seeds. Use a syringe and put in seven drops of this mixture into your ear.
  • Mouth Infection virus: You can combat the infectious virus by simply holding the nigella seeds in your mouth for about 15 minutes.
  • Muscular Dystrophy: You can experience relief from muscular dystrophy by consuming one tablespoon of nigella seeds mixed in raw honey.
  • Stomach Pain: eat a large spoon of nigella seeds mixed with raw honey. You can follow this with a peppermint tea.

Benefits of Nigella Seeds

1. May Aid in Weight Loss:

Nigella seeds help in a moderate reduction in your body weight. The BMI values will improve significantly and you can also witness some reduction in your waist circumference.

This is certainly an encouraging step although high-quality studies and research are warranted. You can experience all these benefits without any side effects. Studies have also indicated that the best nigella seeds can alleviate the risk of diabetes, heart diseases, and cancer – that are linked to obesity.

2. Help to Regulate Blood Sugar Levels:

Taking in two grams of nigella seeds everyday will help to regulate blood sugar in your body. Studies have also shown that nigella seeds can reduce glycosylated haemoglobin in the body. High levels of this compound can heighten the risk of atrial fibrillation in diabetic patients.

3. Fights Acne:

Sweet lime juice paired with nigella seeds can give you an array of skin benefits. Adding one teaspoon of these seeds to one cup of lemon juice will fight against acne.

4. Boosts Memory and Alleviates Asthma:

Consuming nigella seeds with honey improve memory. Also, mixing these seeds in warm water can help to alleviate breathing trouble in adults and children. You will need to carry out this procedure for 45 days and avoid cold food and beverages.

5. Eases Joint Pain:

This is considered to be an old-school treatment. Heat nigella seeds with mustard oil until it start smoking. Allow it to cool for some time. Use this oil to get relief from an inflamed joint.

Nigella seeds are nature’s tool for curing many health issues. The exciting flavour and aroma of these seeds have made them popular with staple cooking as well. They have become a compulsory addition in the kitchen cabinets today.

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