benefits of having sex, sexual healing

Benefits of Having Sex Regularly: Medically Proven


Do you believe that the bedroom time you spend is highly precious for your health. Thanks to the interesting benefits of having sex. Here are some important facts about the interesting word starting with the letter ‘S’. Just check out if you know all of these.

benefits of having sex, sexual healing
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1. Sex Alleviates Stress

Stress has become a part and parcel of our daily lives. But, having sex helps in calming down the nerves, reducing the blood pressure and thereby, alleviating stress. It has been surveyed and proved that individuals, who have sex before any public speaking event are atleast  less stressed. So, simply seduce your partner and have a wonderful time before going for a stressful day.

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2. Sex Enhances the Power of Immunity

Are you sick and don’t wish to get well with the help of those medicines? There’s a natural way to treat this problem. Yes, sex is a good solution. One of the many benefits of having sex is enhancing the immune system of the individuals. It has been proved that having sex works as a great immunity booster. There is a medical term associated with it. This is known as Sexual Healing.

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3. Benefits of Having Sex is Regular Menstrual Periods

If you’re one among those, who experiences irregular periods, you must definitely opt for having an active sex life with your partner. This is because, it helps in making the periodic cycle regular. It also provides some relief from the menstrual cramps because it eases out the flow to a certain extent.

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4. Cures Headache

Yes, this indeed is one of the many benefits of having sex. If you’re suffering from tremendous headache or pain due to migraine or sinus, having sex provides relief certainly. Instead of refusing to have sex during a sore head, instead try making love. You’ll definitely feel the difference.

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5. Weight Loss is Indeed Another Benefits of Having Sex

Medical science has revealed that sex is a wonderful form of maintaining fitness. You can serious shed those extra ounces of fats if you’re following a fitness schedule of sex. The intensity of calorie burn during sex is approximately more than 60 percent of that during regular usual fitness workout. An individual gets rid of almost 200 calories in 30 minutes of having sex.

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So, next time your man or your girl is saying no to have sex, simply grab him/her and make him/her aware of these medically proven awesome benefits of having sex. Lead a healthy life.


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  1. Sex should not be treated as taboo or immoral, rather it’s health benefits should be propagated encouraged.Men below 18 should not indulge in it as it diverts attention from studies and weakens mind.

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