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5 Things to Take Care in your Bedroom for Best Night Sleep


A good night’s sleep is very important like a regular exercise and a healthy diet, your bedroom plays the main role in getting a good sleep so it needs to be friendly and comfortable. This room should look luxurious and elegant to offer a good relaxation and comfort, if your mattress is too soft or lumpy it will keep you cozy for the whole night. A better sleep can maintain a healthy weight and a good balance of hormones and also helps your brain to function effectively.

When you go for bed, keep your room dark which can be done using the blackout blind or curtains; it is very essential to keep the room tidy, neat and simple for better sleep. If you get a comfortable sleep you may feel refreshed and relaxed when you wake up in the morning, it is also the wonderful spot where you and your family members can enjoy a lot. Don’t use mobile, computer or laptops when you go to sleep because the light emitted from these gadgets can stop the secretion of melatonin hormone, it is the natural hormone which gives a faster and cozy sleep. Paint your bedroom with soft and soothing colors which gives you more relaxation and calm.

Few Points to Consider in your Bedroom for Better Sleep:

1. Cool it Off

It is very essential to keep your room cool because when you go to sleep the body temperature begins to drop, a warmer temperature can affect your sleep. The optimal temperature for better sleep is from 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a good choice to use the best ceiling fan or an electric fan for maintaining the cool temperature throughout the night. By keeping the good environmental temperature you can get to sleep faster and also deeper; if the weather is too warm then your body will regulate the temperature so the energy is wasted a lot.

The cooler condition can increase the rate of metabolism as well as the brown fat which can help to burn excess amount of calories in your body and eliminates an extra blood sugar. If the room temperature is above 60 degrees, then your body can easily produce more melatonin which is the natural hormone that helps to fall asleep. Sleeping cool is very important to get a good night’s sleep which can provide your body a good rest and regeneration. This can make you feel refreshed, but if it is very cool it can make you uncomfortable and interrupt your sleep. It is the best idea to open the bedroom door and windows to allow the air to circulate freely everywhere.

2. Keep Your Room Dark

 It is important to keep your room dark for getting a restful night’s sleep; you can make use of shades and curtains for better sleep. If you are disturbed by an unwanted light coming in from other rooms, close the bedroom door which can keep the room as dark as possible and offers a peaceful environment to take a good rest. If the sunlight comes into your room, it is the best idea to use the blackout drapes to eliminate such pesky lights, you have to choose the best curtains or blinds to filter outside light. Sleeping in darkness offers a natural sleep which also increases the melatonin hormone in your body to provide a better sleep.

 You have to power off the light emitting gadgets like mobile, iPods or television because it can cause to stay awake for a long time so that your body will not get a good rest. The less amount of light can help you to sleep faster and longer, when too much of light is detected it can hardly affect the melatonin release so your body temperature is raised. It is essential to turn off all the electronic lights before bed for getting a peaceful night sleep.

3. Use the Right Mattress

If you need a good night sleep it is important to choose the right mattress, it is designed with foam, fabrics, inner springs, water or air. The innerspring mattresses have springs or coils inside it, the foam mattresses are crafted with latex, polyurethane or memory foam. The air mattresses are easily adjustable and flexible to use and also gives a soft cushioning feel when you sleep on it. The memory foam and latex are the two best quality products, which can offer a good level of comfort as well as support.

 You must have a clear idea of choosing the mattress because it should suit your lifestyle and offer a stronger support for a long time. The well-designed mattress will have a cushioning layer to provide an additional comfort; the latex foam mattresses are created from synthetic latex rubber foam which can make you feel comfortable while sleeping. It provides a constant support and prevents you from back and joint pain; this kind of mattress is specifically designed to be breathable.

4. Make Your Bed Comfortable

You must keep your bed cozy with lots of pillows for enjoying the best night sleep, use the bed with a light fabric like cotton or linen so that it will be more comfortable for you to take rest and sleep. The fresh and clean sleep environment can give you an additional level of comfort and keep the room temperature cool to stay refreshed for the whole night. It is very essential to choose a right bed otherwise you may feel uncomfortable, so choose a high-quality bed which helps you to feel fresh and energetic.

If you are not comforted with the mattress then replace it with another fluffing product, it is better to ensure all the needs of your bed including adjustable stiffness and preferred sleep positions before buying it. Keep your room temperature cool and use a bed that suits you comfortably, keep the room dark and noise-free to get a peaceful sleep at night. The high-quality durable materials make the bed long-lasting and strong so that you can use it for your life without any damages. Using the right pillows can avoid headaches and pain so that it gives a pleasant feeling at the next day.

5. Ditch the Night-Lights

If you need a good sleep it is better to shut down the devices because the blue light from the electronics does not allow to sleep, it also reduces the level of melatonin which is an important natural hormone for sleeping. The source of blue light is beneficial during the day because it makes you energetic and enthusiastic, but not good at night. You must turn off the devices that emit the powerful light, which can be computers, laptops, television, tablets or smartphones.

The light emitted from these devices can lead to poor sleep and causes the risk of heart disease, obesity, breast cancer and other diseases. To enjoy a peaceful sleep you must adjust the alarm because it can create an incredibly loud noise, so that you may wake up earlier. The time displayed on the clock can affect your sleep which can cause a lot of anxieties and stress, keep your room dark as much as possible and remove all lights, use the heavy and good quality curtains or blackout blinds to remove the outside light.

Final Words:

Keep your rooms cool with adequate ventilation, but it should not be too hot or too cold maintain an optimum temperature for better sleep at night. Have a comfortable and good sleep to feel refreshed and relaxed always!


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