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Winter Skin Care: Beauty Tips


Are you aware of the beauty tips this winter? Winter is the season loved by all. However, this is the time, when you have to actually take extra care of your body. With proper layers of woolen clothes, good moisture and better diet you can beat the chilling breeze while staying fit and beautiful. However, in winter, people mostly have issues with skin like dryness and dullness. To reduce the impact of such harsh winter, here are a few winter skin care tips that you must follow.

1. Moisturize Regularly is One of the Essential Winter Skin Care Tips

After bathing and before sleeping, moisturize your skin on a daily basis. Don’t rub your body with a lot of moisturizer. Gently pat it on the dry skin for better hydration. For this, you need a good quality moisturizing cream. With regular moisturizer, your skin gains back the elasticity.You can also opt for home remedies like applying natural plant oil or honey on the body.

2. Drink Lots of Water

It’s an acceptable fact that you don’t feel thirsty in winter. However, it’s equally true that no matter which season comes, your body needs the right amount of water to stay hydrated. Water is the best way to keep your body away from harmful diseases. It also helps to keep your skin glowing. In winter season, you must increase your water intake instead of alcohol or other harmful fluid consumption. For proper body care, use warm water as it helps to keep the lungs moistened.

3. Enjoy Steam is Yet Another Winter Skin Care Tip

If the pores of the skin are closed, it means your skin is not getting proper oxygen. For this, you must take in warm steam. It not only helps to provide your skin with the needed oxygen, but also keeps it fresh. Besides, steam also helps in killing the dead cells. In winter season, it gives far better yet effective results.

4. Scrubbing Once a Week is Helpful

Dry skin is the most common problem in winter season. If your body is given the proper care on timely basis, then you don’t really have to face problems like dry skin and itchiness. For this, scrubbing your body once a week is must. It eradicates dry skin, exfoliates it and thus, brings the right pH balance for healthy glowing skin. Besides, scrubbing also makes your skin smooth in such harsh winter season. Pamper your skin, with good beauty tips, when it comes to scrubbing.

5. Hot Water Bath should be Avoided

Often people think that in the chilled winter season, taking a bath with hot water helps. However, it’s not true. You’re killing your healthy skin slowly. Although, it’s winter, you must use warm water. If you take bath in a tub, don’t sit in water for more than 20 minutes. For better results, add bath salt to the water. Avoid hot water for healthy hair.

While enjoying the cool chilling climate of winter, don’t forget to follow these beauty tips. Your body needs gentle care in all season. Even small body parts like head scalp, lip, feet and nail need to be taken extra care in such season. Try out these beauty tips and see the results sooner. Share some tips with us below.




10 thoughts on “Winter Skin Care: Beauty Tips”

  1. Hydrating your skin and yourself is really important regardless of the season. Thanks for the tips! These are definitely effective!

  2. Such a great tips 🙂 This would be very useful to many who has a problem with their skin during winter 🙂 I’m going to share this to my friends.

  3. Another tip – sleep well!! Not sleeping enough is damaging to the skin but in the short and long term. That’s one of my biggest faults.. I really need more rest for healthy skin!

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