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Beach Hunting with a Metal Detector


Feeling lucky? Go beach hunting with a metal detector, and you may be lucky enough to find something valuable. Here are some beach metal detecting tips that’ll help you find more and save resources.

1. Have Patience

Patience is the key in beach metal detecting. Obviously, you’re not going to find something extremely valuable in your first attempt as the chances are pretty slim. Initially, it’ll take you a lot of time to even find something worth digging for. As you’ll be searching in a large area, you must have the patience to wait until you find something.

Next, it is highly likely that’ll have to dig up quite a lot of junk before finding something valuable. While there can be valuable materials present in the sand, there’s a lot of junk present too. And, you must have the patience to keep your morale high even upon finding useless junk.

Moreover, it’s quite possible that you can return home with absolutely nothing valuable hence one must have patience before going beach hunting with a metal detector.

2. Use the Right Metal Detector

Using the right metal detector while beach hunting with metal detectors is essential. If you’ve got the right metal detector, locating valuable metals, jewels and other stuff would be much easier.

Your efforts could go all in vain if you’re using the wrong metal detector. If you’re unaware of the types of metal detectors, you can browse over the website Metal Detector List and find yourself a suitable metal detector. Specs, features pros/cons, video reviews and detailed operational reviews for a variety of metal detectors are available on this website, that’ll help you choose one according to your requirement. With even the tiniest of details available, you can even compare multiple products through this website.

3. Search the Right Beach

Hunting for valuable items on random beaches might not be as effective. To save time and resources, you’re advised to select beaches that you know about. You must know about when the sand levels change, when is the beach cleaned or when does the water level rise, to conclude the best time for beach hunting.

4. Select the Best Search Area

Choosing a spot or search area to beach hunt on with a metal detector is a tricky phase. Ideally, you should choose the area where people are more likely to drop valuable jewels, watches or stuff and those valuable materials are likely to stay there.

You’ll just need a quick casual research to find out the best area to beach hunt with a metal detector.

The usual best places for beach metal detecting are

  • Activity Spots: You’re more likely to find valuable stuff at spots where activities such as games take place as people would be more likely to drop stuff there
  • Entry/Exit Spots: These spots are worth searching for as well because a large number of people go through these spots.
  • Photography Spots: You’re highly likely to locate something valuable at photography spots as people are quite likely to drop spots while clicking pictures or getting their pictures clicked.

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